Zoe Evolve is a new collection of your favorite Croatian sports brand

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Zoe Tights Collection Evolve

We’ll agree that 2020 has fundamentally changed the life we ​​know, but most importantly, how it changed us as individuals. We all had a choice – to improve or stay the same. It takes a lot of courage to change and adopt some new habits and a new lifestyle. At the same time, it makes no sense to stay in the comfort zone because nothing new is growing there and there is no progress!

The time of separation forced us to take a step back and rethink all the moments we lived through – good and bad, beautiful and sad, weak and strong, and embraced the memories of each. Now that you have faced all these moments, you can grow and become beautiful. Be bold and brave and get out of your safe zone – let yourself grow and flourish! In all this, Zoe will be your best friend, from the most intimate moments to the most precious! MeetZoe Evolution!

Zoe Tights Collection Evolve

Zoe Evolve: A collection that invites you to leave your comfort zone!

Faced with the new situation, Zoe had to evolve and get out of her comfort zone at the same time, and this is where it came about.Enhance the collectionInspired by the fearless Zoe girls:

As always, we thought of all Zoe girls while designing the collection. We thought of the things and activities they decided to do when the world suddenly stopped. And we knew right away… We knew they didn’t give up, they were working on themselves and thriving where it matters most – from the inside, just like us. When the outside world stopped, we turned to the inner world to move outside. And suddenly, the name of the collection came to us – so simple, so powerful and challenging – Evolve.

Zoe Tights Collection Evolve

In addition to being designed in new and unique conditions, it is also a great innovation in the collection. first zoe underwear lineorganic cotton and firstleggings for pregnant women. Plus, every cut and stitch in the now classic elements of the Zoe collection has been further perfected – tights, sports bras, t-shirts and dresses that come with the best design and cutting edge technology ever. Another innovation in the Evolve collection is the ability to bring all elements together. So the collection comes in 4 main colors: infinite black, mystical navy blue, delicate pink and feminine purple (Plum). These shades are spread across all models as you have the freedom to create your own unique Zoe combinations. Take a look at all modelsHERE.

Zoe Tights Collection Evolve

Great pre-sale action at Polleo Sport!

All fans of the Zoe brand were definitely looking forward to today as it started on Polleo Sport.pre-saltnew collections! This is a special, but time-limited, pre-sale of items in the new collection.Discounts up to 47%! Pre-sale partsTo do 01.11.2020..

You can try all models completelyPolleo SportPre-order for branches and selected items. If you don’t have a branch nearby or you still enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home, you can also order via Polleo Sport.Webshop. Just don’t forget that it’s aboutpre-sales actionThis means that the package with your new favorite Zoe outfit will be sent to you from November 2nd, so you can pick it up at the branch from then on.

Zoe Tights Collection Evolve

Perfect comfort in any situation

The Zoe Evolve collection brings evolution in sports fashion! Using the highest quality materials and improved craftsmanship, the new collection will satisfy even the most demanding. Explore the entire collectionHEREAnd whether you are at home, in nature or hanging out with friends, find your favorite items that will guarantee you perfect comfort during every workout or relaxing moments in your spare time.

Zoe Tights Collection Evolve
Zoe Tights Collection Evolve
Zoe Tights Collection Evolve
Zoe Tights Collection Evolve
Zoe Tights Collection Evolve

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