Zara ‘Archive Collection’ brings models from collections from 1996 to 2012.

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The main street brand Zara today, The most popular and influential names in the fashion scene. It all started in 1974, when Amancio Ortega decided to introduce a brand in his collections that irresistibly reminiscent of the popular models of luxury fashion houses, but at much more affordable prices. In the 1980s, Ortega changed the design, manufacturing and distribution process to shorten delivery times and respond faster to new trends. “Instant modom”. In 1985, Zara began to grow. With each passing year, affordable and trendy models attracted more and more attention, and Zara soon became a worldwide success that no one expected.

Behind Zara are several decades successful in the fashion scene and hundreds of thousands of clothing and fashion accessories, among which we find new fashion favorites every year. Now, Zara has decided to surprise her countless fans with one of the best collections that will definitely evoke a nostalgia inside you, especially if you’ve been following and loving Zara for years.

The cult Zara models are back

Zara Archive Collection It reissues some of the cult models from Zara’s old collections presented between 1996 and 2012. The cult Zara models are now back in a new and revamped edition that gives them a modern twist and makes them stand out again.

Archive Collection supermodel Amber Valletta brings about twenty great models worn by Kate Moss, Caroline Murphy and Stella Tennant in her original edition and campaigns. Now you can add Amber’s little black dress, leather pants, to your fall wardrobe. It was worn in 2003 on Kate Moss and Stellin’s oversized blazer.

See all the cult Zara models that return among the most preferred and stand out once again, find and order now.

Amber Valleta (Fall 1996)

Amber Valletta (zima 1997)

Amber Valletta (Fall 1997)

Amber Valleta (zima 1998)

Amber Valleta (zima 1998)

Amber Valleta (zima 1998)

Carolyn Murphy (zima 1998)

Kate Moss (Fall 2003)

Kate Moss (Fall 2003)

Stella Tennant (Spring 2011)

Photo: Zara




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