You can use the hair colors you want warm, cold, ashy, baby brown, brown …

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While you are describing the hair colors you want as hot, cold, ashy, baby brown, brown, black or yellow, we hairdressers need to be able to fully understand your physical characteristics and habits after you explain your request. As the Garage Hair family, we would like to get to know you first, then understand your tastes, and more importantly, I would like to remind you that we plan the color that will best suit you by looking at all your personal characteristics. We have repeatedly experienced that if the hairdresser you can direct only fulfills your request, there is something missing and a result that may not suit you may result. We think that narration with photography is not wrong. Are the details in the photo likely to suit you or not, we look at them and provide you with the healthiest guidance. As a result, we wish you to be very happy with the hairdressing service you received. . . . . #hairvideo #modernsalon #hairartistry #ombre #babylight #hairstyles #hairvideos #beachblondehair #americansalon #ahmetcobain #styleartists #beachyhair #allmodernhair #balayage #beachblonde #behindthechair #midlenghtcut #hairbesties #balayage #beachblondehair #hairbesties #balayage


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