Why is the slow fashion one ‘fashion trend’ we should follow?

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October has come, and with it another seasonal change has come that gave us a new sense of beginning and set the time for change. The year 2020 has been the opposite of what we had so far wanted and expected at the beginning of the year. Yet the difficult situation we faced and new normal This we are still used to encouraged us to think and live differently. Instead of flying at an old hectic pace in autumn, this year we decided to slow down and enjoy the moment again. Why don’t you slow down with us? ‘Take it slow’ One month in journal started and one of the first slow the story we introduce you to is about the world slow fashion.

Slow fashion – What and why?

With the concept slow fashion We meet more and more often, but few of us know what it really means and why it is so important. If we slow fashion When summarized in a single sentence, one of the widely accepted definitions defines it as a concept that advocates production that cares about humans, the environment and animals. While it may sound very simple and logical at first, the fashion world has been moving in a completely different direction for several decades.

Fast Fashion as the beginning of the problem

A concept emerged in the fashion scene in the late eighties and early nineties as definition, practice and a completely opposite name. slow fashion concept – fast fashion. Fashion trends were changing more and more rapidly, and the pace of changing trends was accompanied by the speed of mass production. After more than three decades of steadily accelerating growth of the fashion industry, today it is one of the most powerful forces in the world, but also one of those who have left its biggest negative footprint.

Today, the annual value of the retail-based fashion industry exceeds one trillion pounds in excess of eight trillion kunas. These are numbers and numbers of zeros whose size we know in theory, but we don’t really know how much money is involved and how much power is behind it.

With the trend increasing every year, it is not surprising that the industry is so large and strong, but also one of the largest carbon footprint. The fashion industry is responsible for around 10% of global carbon emissions, generating five times more CO2 than the aviation industry. Carbon emissions are not the only negative impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Another surprising statistic is that eighty trillion garments and fashion accessories are produced annually, and 80% of them finally end up in landfills. There are still shocking numbers and getting worse every year, but an answer to this problem in the last few years has gained more and more worldwide attention.

Best answer to the worst problem

As we said at the beginning of the story, slow fashion It is a concept that defends production that cares about humans, the environment and animals. What exactly does this mean? Slow fashion It aims to improve sustainability by challenging the social structure surrounding the fashion industry and encouraging both retailers and customers to adopt an ethical approach to fashion. At the center of the concept slow fashion There is the idea to produce substantially smaller quantities of clothing of higher quality than sustainable materials. In addition to sustainable production, slow fashion it also defends the working rights of everyone working in production and demands better conditions. In addition to changes in approach and production method, slow fashion it also encourages a change in the way we shop, as well as the way we approach and look at the clothes we already own.

How can you embrace slow fashion concept?

Slow fashion It is becoming more and more popular and often stands out as one of the most current ‘trends’ in the fashion world. Although slow fashion The opposite of the classic trend concept, the omen of a trend definitely gave it more reach and ultimately left a positive mark in the fashion world. How can we all hug slow fashion the concept and application in your daily life to promote positive change together?

Buying old or second-hand clothes, reshaping old clothes, supporting smaller brands and choosing quality clothes that last longer are just a few of the simple ways to properly care for them.

Over the weeks that followed ‘Take it slow’ We will introduce you more closely in the Journal. slow fashion Discover all the positive aspects like the world and the present slow fashion domestic and foreign brands that deserve your attention.

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