Tommy Hilfiger “Forward Together” collection for Fall 2020.

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PVH Corp. Group’s American brand Tommy Hilfiger presented a global campaign in the fall of 2020 inspired by a shared longing for a better future. Fans of the brand will have the opportunity to participate in initiatives during the season that celebrate this philosophy and demonstrate the power of society.

Fashion photographer Dan Martensen’s lens marked the autumn campaign, celebrating the beauty of the diversity of each culture through her work. Filmed at the idyllic Disney Golden Oak Farm, the campaign brings together inspiring global icons that share common values ​​such as Alton Mason, Ralph Souffrant, Geron McKinley, Halima Aden, Dilone, Michaela DePrince, Soo Joo Park and Precious Lee.

When faced with serious social and economic challenges, the best way to move forward is to be with each other, ”says the cult designer.“ Every challenge is an opportunity at the same time. It can bring us one step closer to realizing our dream, awaken our curiosity and inspire creativity we didn’t even know we had. With the philosophy of “Going Together”, we want to awaken the creative spark and offer assistance where it is needed most.“.

We Create Together

In early September, Tommy Hilfiger customers around the world were now given the opportunity to co-create new pieces on a dedicated online platform using fabrics, while also reinterpreting the styles of previous seasons. These models will be available in select stores and online stores around the world.

With Local Heroes

To help local tailors and artists affected by the Corona virus pandemic, the brand launched the Tommy Repair Shop project, which provides free clothing repair services in its stores. Partners will be given a dedicated space within the store to present their work and communicate with new, potential customers. In line with the brand’s philosophy, the initiative aims to extend the life of consumers’ favorite garments. “Don’t Waste Nothing” I “You are all welcome”. The first Tommy Repair Shops opened in Hamburg and Düsseldorf on September 18 and will soon expand to other European countries.

“Going Together” It is a continuation of the philanthropic efforts of the brand that donated 10,000 white T-shirts to healthcare professionals in the midst of a pandemic and donated all the proceeds of the capsule collection created by Tommy Hilfiger customers to fight the coronavirus.

Photo: Tommy Hilfiger


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