The virtual eNVy room show will take place on Sunday, November 8

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Ever since it began adapting the fashion story more than 15 years ago, the eNVy room has paid special attention to every part of its creation – fairy tale collections have become ineffective with femininity, glamor and timeless elegance, fashion campaigns have led us to travel to other worlds. and demonstrations, enjoying innovative concepts and magical sets, always bravely push the boundaries and offer a new, unforgettable experience. Times have changed, but the design tandem was always ready to respond to challenges by synchronizing its work with the atmosphere it created, but it never ceased to give up its authentic aesthetics and desire to enthrall its audience with fashion stories over and over again.

Today, when some old habits are the shadow of the past and in just a few months almost every part of our life has changed dramatically, the fashion world has to adapt to new conditions, and the eNVy room is always ingeniously maneuvering this time around. He found a way to tell his fashion fairy tale. Thus, designers Nikica Ivančević and Vjeko Franetović decided to organize a virtual fashion show for the first time in their 15-year creation, to move away from standard fashion presentations and to present the 2020/21 fall / winter season via digital channels.

The popular duo carried their podiums in these totally unusual times, without the usual crowds and murmurs of the spectators, away from the city, in the complete peace of nature, to a wonderful forest surrounded by magical autumn shadows. However, even if there is no front-line audience, that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy an unforgettable fashion fairy tale filled with recognizable, feminine aesthetics and stunning scenery. It will be presenting its new collection for the last cold season on 8 November at 20:00 with a unique video show that you can follow on all virtual channels such as Instagram, IG TV, Facebook and You Tube.

The photos and videos announced were signed by the talented duo Karla Jurić and Iva Trojanović, Wedding Resort Corberon’s fairy-tale forest track, Talia Model agency, to visit with models, make-up is the work of the great Sanja Agić and hair studio Evelin.

Announcement photos and video announcements: Karla Jurić and Ive Trojanović

Models: Talia Model

Makeup: Sanja Agić

Hair: Evelyn




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