The perfect Mango ‘Sportswear’ collection for fall 2020 has arrived.

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Autumn Days is created under a blanket to have fun with a new series, fun movies, or a favorite book. However, even during the fall days, it’s important to stay on the move, so we’ll devote a few tens of minutes a week to exercising. Staying on the move will help us feel better this fall as we’ll be spending more time at home than ever in a workout studio, gym or home. Our favorite street brand, Mango, has prepared a collection of comfortable and beautiful models to make us feel great while exercising.

Mango ‘Sportswear’ collection in fall 2020.

Mango Sportswear The collection brings a range of essential clothing and practical exercise accessories, from sports bras and high waisted tights to rugs and small cell phone bags. Mango has created a functional yet modern-looking workout collection with the addition of neutral colors, pastel pink and turquoise tones.

The prices of workout clothes and practical fashion accessories that make exercise even easier range from 99.90kn to 349.90kn, and you can explore and order the entire Mango ‘Activewear’ collection for autumn 2020. here.

Photo: Mango




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