The perfect Esmara collection for October 2020 at LIDL

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This year’s autumn season may look different, but things still haven’t changed. As every year, the start of the autumn season brought us back to the streets of the city and the hectic routine dictated by work commitments. It left a similar impression in our autumn wardrobe. In the center of the autumn wardrobe is a place devoted to versatile models that we will choose for the casual business look. In addition to the simplicity and elegance that we have always sought in clothing for business combinations, this fall most of us will seek additional comfort that will answer the challenges of working from home.

Whether you spend your working days at the office or at home, how to create a wardrobe in a few basic models that would be the perfect answer to a business look for a not so typical autumn?

This fall the job outlook comes with a casual spin

When it comes to business attire for autumn days, a neutral color palette, elegant business classics, and various knitwear models are the perfect choice that make up the perfect business wardrobe. While maintaining elegance and neutral colors, we’ll add a dose of comfort and convenience to business models this fall, while also adding a trend change. The irresistible mix of classic, casual and fashion will create better and more attractive business models than ever before. Apart from choosing them for work, all models will turn into new fashion favorites that we will love to wear to work, but also in our free time.

Just like that versatile star garments are the new Esmara collection, which arrives at LIDL stores on October 22.

Cozy elegance Esmara style

Over the past few years, LIDL has become one of the most popular shopping malls when it comes to clothing, thanks to its clothing lines. The Esmara clothing line brings us the answers to all the challenges of the women’s wardrobe week after week. After the first autumn models based on daily wear and knitwear, Esmara now brings one of the most anticipated collections of every season – dedicated to fashion classics.

Emphasizing black and white, classic cuts and neat details, the new Esmara collection brings together everything we could want in a business wardrobe for autumn days.

It stood out in the center of the collection feminine autumn favorites – detailed dresses, pleated skirts and blouses like a bow collar. In addition to the elegant models, the new Esmara collection is also more everyday clothes It will be the perfect choice for more relaxed working days. Sports-inspired black jeans and pants, T-shirt and casual cardigan They are especially pleasing to anyone working from home because they will find models that they will feel comfortable with, but also look neat enough for video calls and meetings. To break the uniformity of the work wardrobe, the new Esmara collection brings models with trendy patterns with the addition of electric blue details and texture games created by combining different materials.

Find new business favorites to fall The latest Esmara collection coming to all Lidl stores on October 22. How to wear From a classic look with trendy shift details all black In a combination that perfectly reflects the idea of ​​everyday elegance, we bring a few outfit ideas across five main trends to the fashion editorial below, and she’s looking for a fall business look.

The irresistible charm of the classics

Business elegance in everyday printing

A combination we will wear from morning to night

Trendy shirts and black jeans are always a good idea

Autumn he is pattern: pleated skirt

Photo: Sanja Jagatić

Forming: DORIS Invoice

Model: Jasmina (Talia Model)

Make-up: Sonja Kvesić

Hair style: Salon Evelin

Shoe: Alpina

Text and creative guidance: Ela Jarni

Thanks Ve Cetera Lifestyle Store in the assigned registration area.




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