The new eNVy room campaign with wedding dress was shot in the beautiful nature of Gorski Kotar

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Since then, a little more than 15 years ago, it has stepped onto the backdrop of the bizarre fashion scene, the trendy tandem eNVy room has skillfully maneuvered into difficult, unpredictable ways, never giving up its own vision and always built its own aesthetic expression without compromise. . But as now, when the world was pulled in front of some new obstacles and suddenly intertwined with some completely new rules, the duo never overlooked the conditions and needs of the woman they created. In the heat of these odd times, designers Nikica Ivančević and Vjeko Franetović proved to be at the helm of their brands by spreading the vision of light, unpretentious and affordable wedding fashion that offers a wide range of cuts and styles, delights brides of different tastes and is suitable for different weddings. it always turns in the right direction.

While moving away from the classical wedding dress concept, the eNVy autumn room bridal collection, which does not give up its widely known silhouette, once again offered future brides a solution to neutralize them with elegance and practicality, allowing them to look forward to the day. they shine like the best of themselves. Created for endless romantic, small and intimate weddings in the circle of loved ones, the wedding models in the new bridal collection are characterized by comfort, wearability and simplicity, as well as adaptability to other festive days. A handful of luxurious and voluminous wedding gowns decorated with elegant details, made of quality but atypical materials and adorned with creative details, unconventional models such as overalls, suits, sets and mini and midi wedding dresses with simple lines have always been part of the bride collection of the beloved couple. especially highlighted in the new collection.

So, for example, a jumpsuit with an oversized bow belt will become a classic piece, just like a silk-lined dress, this time up to half a leaf and was created for some future festive events, long known as a symbol of ultimate elegance and good style. . Its practicality can be proud of a maxi dress made of atypical white sequins, with a sensuously revealing back and accentuated shoulders, as well as a romantic midi dress with slits, bare shoulders and puffy sleeves that can easily be friends on romantic summer walks by the sea or glamorous romantic summer walks. . what choice for a special dinner. But despite its wearability and simplicity, the eNVy room has not forgotten the special spice of each of the fashion stories – elegance, fairy tale and femininity – uncompromisingly intertwined with each stitch of fashion fairy tales, offering women a vision of beauty and power they shouldn’t give up. unpredictable times we live.

The strange Green Swirl in the heart of Gorski Kotar provided the perfect backdrop for the celebrity duo’s final bridal campaign, shot with lenses by talented young photographers Karla Jurić and Iva Trojanović. As if wrapped in a special dose of magic, hundreds of enchanting tones of the green oasis miraculously intertwine with the contrasting white tones and romantic eNVy room aesthetics, creating a dreamy fashion fairy tale that invites the imagination. The beautiful Nabilah Harron also contributed to the overwhelming beauty of the visuals as the face of the campaign, and the talented makeup artist also puts on the makeup of this fashion story.

If you decide to look for your dream wedding dress in the studio of the ENVy room brand, the designers will personally welcome you to the rehearsal. With rich experience-based tips, it will help you choose the ideal model and make you feel comfortable, relaxed and confident. It is important to remember that as all dresses are made to measure, you must schedule your appointment on time. A fee of 200 kuna is charged for a one-hour term and this amount is deducted from the final amount of your dress if you order a wedding dress. It’s also worth noting that the eNVy room does not make wedding dresses based on other people’s sketches, and all you can ask for is small changes to existing models, such as neckline depth, opening in the back, or length of the sleeves. In addition to the latest bridal collection for the fall, you will find a handful of models from past collections in a wide variety of different styles in the showroom of the fashion duo eNVy salon at Vlaška ulica 68 in Zagreb.

All models in the collection can be tested in the eNVy salon showroom by prior appointment. 0992322939. You can follow the ENVy room on its official website. www.envyroom.comVia Facebook profile or on Instagram .

Photo: Karla Jurić and Ive Trojanović

Model: Nabilah Harron

MUA: Nabilah Harron

Place: Zeleni vir (Gorski kotar)




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