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London Street Style

Fashion brands have announced a generous and exciting season ahead of us. While the best clothing and fashion accessories have yet to come, these key trends and models are already known. Between Fashion trends and models that will mark the coming autumn days stood out and new fashion bags. One of the most popular and inevitable fashion accessories in almost every wardrobe, bags go through transformations inspired by new trends every season. Thanks to new shapes, colors and details, famous fashion brands and designers discover famous models and bring us their new faces and new characters.

For versatile black models The autumn season, which is always in the collections of fashion brands and our wardrobes, is the perfect time to color your wardrobe and bag collection with a model in one of the most beautiful autumn tones.

London Street Style

Autumn shades adorn the season’s most beautiful bags

Each season, colors and patterns are at the center of fashion trends and stand out as one of the elements that many find their origins in. he is models. While it always brings a few unexpected shades, the seasonal palette also brings us back to those favorite seasonal colors. As far as the fall season is concerned, the fashion trends of the fall 2020 heralded the prevalence of neutral tones, earthy tones and gemstone colors as expected. The new collections bring us back to the irresistible simplicity of beige tones, the seductiveness of emerald green and the mystical character of navy blue.

The most beautiful autumn shades graced everything from autumn coats to dresses to fashion accessories. One of the simplest and most effective ways to add them to your wardrobe is to choose a new bag in one of the trendy colors.

Paris Street Style

From beige tones to mystical dark blue

Bags with the most beautiful autumn colors will instantly color and appear in your autumn wardrobe. In addition to looking great in combination with gorgeous fall patterns, autumn shades bags would be a great choice for all these simple combinations in neutral tones that will make that exciting and trendy transition. Combined with interesting textures such as intertwined leather straps, croc-effect leather or stitched models, the bags look even more beautiful in autumn colors. In addition to the textures, the most beautiful autumn colored bags are embellished with some new shapes and simple but effective details such as tassel, pleat and metal zipper.

Copenhagen Street Style

Below is an overview of some of the most beautiful models in five gorgeous fall colors that you can find in your favorite fashion trends and online stores.

Classic and modern:
shades of beige

Bottega Veneta

Autumn red edition:
the color of red wine

Saint Laurent

The most luxurious brown shades:
cognac and chocolate


The eternal classic of cold days:


A shade to replace black in your autumn wardrobe:
dark blue


Photo: ImaxTree and Other Stories, Mango, MONA, Net-a-porter, Uterqüe, Zara




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