The Hades knitwear brand has monogrammed sweaters in its Alphabet collection

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The combination of pastel and bright colors, soft merino wool, and striking inscriptions with a reference to pop culture created sweaters with a touch of melancholy and nostalgia. Hades sweaters for the past few years, Comfortable favorites in the fall and winter wardrobes of fashion coolers.

Sweaters he is mark

One of eight sweaters in the first collection, even if you haven’t heard of this young British brand Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others You’ve definitely noticed this in Instagram photos or as part of the best combinations on the street catwalk. Behind the brand is Cassie Holland, and the whole story of the most popular sweaters started with a few models that Cassie taught herself for herself and her friends.

Cassie founded the Hades brand in 2005 and launched her first collection. Eight simple-cut sweaters adorned the names of the groups as follows: The Smiths, The Slits and musicians Patti smith. Suddenly, everyone from the best cooler Alexe Chung to popular bloggers wore the names of Cassie’s favorite musicians as top fashion detail printed on a warm sweater. In addition to going to beloved musicians, the Hades brand’s first collection celebrated its punk style very subtly with color combinations and striking inscriptions.

Hades Alphabet Collect

Cassie created an equally popular one after the band’s sweater. Alphabet A collection that brings together the whole alphabet of perfect sweaters in a noticeable combination of bright, pastel and neutral colors with soft merino wool and a plain cut.

We take a look at some of the collection below and all of Hades’ sweaters. Alphabet collections can be found and ordered

Hades Wool Alphabet pulover 2020. A
Hades Wool Alphabet pulover 2020. C
Hades Wool Alphabet pulover 2020.E
Hades Wool Alphabet pulover 2020.H
Hades Wool Alphabet pulover 2020.K
Hades Wool Alphabet pulover 2020.N
Hades Wool Alphabet pulover 2020.R
Hades Wool Alphabet pulover 2020.W
Hades Wool Alphabet pulover 2020.Z

Photo: Instagram, Hades




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