The Croatian jewelery brand mammii studio has a new collection

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mammii studio autumn 2020

Jewelry designer Maja Miletić has prepared something new for the fans of the famous mammii studio. A new, retrograde collection called Triptych has been created during the tumultuous year of 2020 with busy hours and breaks. With big plans and putting them on hold. With great hope and quiet, unobtrusive work.

mammii studio autumn 2020

mammii presents studio Triptych

The number three symbolizes a lot for me and in this case it represents the structure I manage best. This applies to the main stages of the work as well as to the basic life principles that guide me. The terms I chose, or better yet, the terms I chose were time, movement and beauty. For me, these are often the main driving forces behind my thoughts.
The texture of the rocks formed by the sea and wind gradually over hundreds of years represents time. They are imperfect and exquisite in depicting the past. It is a principle of nature that I want to embrace in my life and that I do not force myself to achieve perfection.
commented, Maja.

mammii studio autumn 2020

Movement is the main principle of life. The mind follows action, and the body contains within itself a wisdom that we can call intuition. It is needed more than ever today. In motion, the object reflects light in layers and looks alive.
The temporary beauty embodied in flowers, although the veins do not lose their value. A life principle that no effort goes unnoticed for me. Even when we think it doesn’t matter as nothing lasts forever, we remember the flowers and cycles that nature went through.
Models made of silver and brass are made in 24-carat gilding with the addition of precious and semi-precious stones such as amethyst, amethrin, citrine, peridot, hematite and pyrite.

Triptych is also the announcement of three sub-lines of mammii jewelry that will be introduced by 2021. Follow all the news official site I Instagram.

mammii studio autumn 2020
mammii studio autumn 2020
mammii studio autumn 2020

Model: Ivana Vukusic

Photo: Maja Miletić

Makeup and Hair: Martina Knapić

Place of Registration: Photo Studio Zelmanović




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