The best models these days are bringing UGG boots back into the spotlight

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UGG boots have become an eternal classic that almost everyone has an idea over the years. Still, there is no doubt that they are so loved as they provide women (also the men who wear them) an ideal rate of warmth and comfort. It is precisely for this reason that UGGs have become almost untouchable in the bot world, and whichever brand tried to recreate their success, they still did not reach that level of popularity.

UGG boots are also very popular this season

Of course, this fall will not pass without your favorite UGGs, and the best models in the world, who recently paraded their favorite UGG models, have informed us that they will gain even more momentum.

After Joan Smalls, they also went for a walk in the UGGs. Irina shayk I Emily Ratajkowski Whose combinations we bring to you, and nothing unusual would have happened if all three didn’t break the same pattern. We immediately went to investigate what the trick was and discovered that there was actually a completely new UGG model that appeared on the market and that many fashion media claimed will sell very fast in September.

UGG Classic Ultra Mini Boots

Taj new ‘it’ style, as they beat him, name UGG Classic Ultra Mini Bootsand this is the latest version of the current Classic Mini model, which already has an army of fans. These Classic Ultra Mini boots are lower and slimmer than the original, just like the ankle boots you jump in and land on town in almost the blink of an eye.

We have no doubt that we will see many other stars in the new UGG model this fall, and if you like it, the good news is that local Karla stores already have them. Karla webshop.

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