Style we love: Petra Mikšik

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Style we love: Petra Mikšik

The world of fashion is constantly changing and new fashion trends and she is The models we surround every day are things that excite him. Still, it’s far from the unimpeded and creative game we’re looking for in the fashion world and our wardrobes. Instead of the latest collections and trend models that will expire at the end of the season, we decided to seek fashion inspiration in a much different but even better, more exciting and inspiring place – in the wardrobes of women we love their style.

Personal style is more than just the clothes we wear, and although its beginning and end are hidden in our closets, everything in between is what makes it so special. Stories behind favorite models, wildest fashion memories and little fashion secrets in the new edition of the fashion section The style we love the photographer showed us Petra Mikšik.

Style we love: Petra Mikšik

Petra came to our little fashion meetup in the recognizable fashion edition. At first glance, Petra’s combinations are simple and minimalistic, and always come with an irresistible dose of chance. However, the next look at her outfit and wardrobe will reveal interesting details such as the game of cut and texture and good but effective fashion accessories. What makes Petrin’s seemingly simple style so special and I do not know what it is. How does he describe this himself?

If you had asked me this a year ago, I would have said I was wearing what is in my closet, but lately I have spent more time “cleaning” the closet with so many patterns and colors. I’m more devoted to fine pieces and building a kind of ‘capsule wardrobe’ – except in summer when patterned dresses are a must for me. Somehow I’m tired of “fast fashion” and the pile of merchandise we all have, so I have been working hard last year to purchase quality items from cotton, wool, viscose and natural materials. Finally, be stylish and, above all, it can be easily combined when I have 15 minutes to dress up and put on makeup before leaving the apartment.

Style we love: Petra Mikšik
H&M Premium quality sweater, Zara jeans, Vagabond boots, Kooples bag, Daisy Jewelery jewelry

Though seemingly a gentle and romantic spirit, when it comes to fashion, Petra’s personal approach to fashion and style lies behind a rebellious trait that played an important role in her growth and fashion transformations. How does he think and build his personal style today?

I’ve always been true to the fact that I don’t like looking like other people. That’s not a bad thing, but I guess this rebellious streak is still going on (laughs). Now I know absolutely what not to buy and what not to wear, even if it is beautiful for me in the store. And I know what’s good for me – that’s the most important thing we need to learn about clothes. I don’t like when clothes weigh me down so I don’t really like trying the “look”.

I think it’s the strongest influence in my wardrobe – the simpler the better!

And when it comes to looking for fashion inspiration, Petra is just like most of us.

Pinterest is my life, so I have over 600 saved clothes in my “Inspo style” folder. I also read magazines like Elle and Vogue because I like to follow their editorials, so I get some inspiration. Recently, Instagram seems to me a bit saturated with trends, so I mostly follow foreign minimalist profiles or those with a vintage touch that brings out the right style. My intuition is mostly shouting – good quality, durable, stylish and plastic free.

Style we love: Petra Mikšik
Style we love: Petra Mikšik

Minimalism and slow fashion They conquered Petrin’s closet. Why is that? Because if you put the pieces together well, it looks very stylish and “expensive” and does not give you a headache when designing an outfit., explained to us. While we assumed that the list of things to never wear for minimalism fans was too long, Petra convinced us to the contrary.

Today, season-by-season fashion shows how awesome things were for us now that some previously ugly things were, so I will never say. Besides the low-waisted pants, this is a crime for any figure. added with a laugh.

Petra takes a keen and open approach to fashion when it comes to fashion brands. Does he prefer the main street or high quality, new or nostalgia?

I won’t be exclusive, but I just love the quality main street (H&M Premium, Arket, Massimo Dutti, Weekday and Other stories etc). At the top I think it’s worth investing in handbags, items like a good long-lasting jacket or coat, shoes and fashion accessories. I don’t see the point of buying very expensive fashion things. I also love old and second-hand, and I plan to convert some new things to old pieces.

Style we love: Petra Mikšik
Massimo Dutti jacket, H&M Premium Quality sweater, H&M jeans, Puma sneakers, Klisab bag and glasses

One of the questions that comes to mind when it comes to fashion with women whose style we love is their best shopping tips. How does Petra choose and buy fashion innovations?

Now we all already know when discounts are available and we look forward to them loyally, and I love to try out the pieces that interest me when they are at full price and then order them online the day the discounts start (if I’m in a hurry). Also, while most stores in Zagreb and Croatia know how to increase the price, it can be found online at a lower starting price.

There are many online stores competing for our money with discount codes and discounts today, so why not take advantage of this!

Another thing is if I really want to wear something right away, I’ll buy it at full price and I wouldn’t despair if this piece goes on sale for half the price soon. And the third thing is that a good jacket / coat, boots and bag is always worth the investment. Besides the good traps that I surprisingly find most often in Zara and then Manga and Levis.

Style we love: Petra Mikšik

In every closet there is always the most special and favorite clothing or fashion accessory, and almost always a good story or a precious moment is associated with them.

Petra’s favorites are Levis 501 traps, where she goes everywhere, from shooting to drinking coffee to nature walks. Besides Levi’s jeans, his favorite fashion lists are Cezanne bucket bag and The Kooples bag. I love a good bag, what can I say!, explained to us.

Style we love: Petra Mikšik
Style we love: Petra Mikšik

After sharing her shopping tips and fashion favorites with us, she wondered what the best fashion advice someone gave her was. The answer was an unexpected but sweet surprise.

You wouldn’t believe it, but back then my boyfriend, now my fiance Dario.

The man claims that good jackets in the closet are never enough – and this is the biggest truth. Collect the whole outfit!

We both love the old “denim jacket” we used to call, and I’ll add another good leather jacket and a neutral jacket. Everything you need to create a great outfit.

Style we love: Petra Mikšik
Vintage blazer, Massimo Dutti top, Arket pants, Dr. Martens boots, H&M bag

And while keeping the perfect fashion inspiration in her wardrobe, Instagram profile It’s the perfect place for inspiration when it comes to great street style photography. As she was dealing with photography, we had to learn a few tips and tricks from Petra when it came to photography at the end of our socialization.

It is definitely easier for me at the beginning because I mostly move around the city and think of the employees. But joking aside, good golden exposure is worth it. I’ve learned this through thousands of photos now, but if we still want to feel comfortable “getting along” with the good sides of the face or body, the person behind the lens matters too. All that remains is to practice and know yourself 🙂

Style we love: Petra Mikšik

Photo: Sanja Jagatić




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