Rodea has shoes for just about every occasion the fall and winter 2020 brings.

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From sunny days for long walks, to rainy and snowy days when we will reach the hottest and waterproof fashion favorites, from casual combinations to a stylish business look – the autumn and winter weeks bring us various weather conditions and opportunities. All the opportunities and changes of the time will bring a new fashion challenge to our wardrobes. In addition to layered clothes, the best fashion trick for any fall and winter combination, choosing the perfect pair of shoes will play an important role in creating everyday combinations. Which shoe models will stand out as the best shoe models that we can add to our autumn and winter wardrobes?

When it comes to the fall and winter seasons, we’re looking for the perfect combination of what’s functional and visually appealing in every fashion favorite, including shoes. In the shoe world, the answer lies in the models that stand out with their comfort, material quality and workmanship, simple lines and trend details. Exactly such shoes, boots, sneakers and slippers are on the shelves Rodea store.

Perfect shoes for any occasion this season

Our grandmothers and mothers traveled to Italy to find the best shoes, and many of us even remember these shopping trips from our childhood. Quality shoes that meet all the daily challenges and weather conditions of autumn and winter are now much closer. Popular Rodea shoe chain It brings together Europe’s leading shoe brands such as brands in its stores. Ara, Rieker, IGI & Co, Mjus i Mascia It always comes with a guarantee of material quality and workmanship. And while the quality always remains high, models change from season to season. The autumn and winter models of some of Europe’s best shoe brands, renewed with new trends, have already reached all Rodea stores.

A shoe chain that brings together the best European brands and this season he prepared a splendid and varied offer. Inside, several key shoe models are highlighted to help you create the perfect collection in your own wardrobe and create the perfect pair for any occasion this season.

They stand out among the autumn and winter top models comfortable block shoes heels that are always a great choice when it comes to unpredictable working days. In block heels, we will add it to our business wardrobes. high heeled boots As a perfect model for the coldest winter days.

And when it comes to stylish combinations, we will always choose the simplicity of black and the elegance of the classic models, while complementing the more casual outfits with a trendy shift. brown ankle bootswe will reach the trends in the evening look ankle boots for lacing in metallic shades.

Just like us, if you like spending sunny autumn and winter days outside, it’s up to par trendy sneakers and rubber boots It will be an inevitable addition to your autumn and winter wardrobe. In addition to wearing these in nature, we’ll also wear them on city streets – and while sneakers add some comfort to the fall look, waterproof boots will be a great choice for all rainy and snowy days.

With all the shoe models we will wear this fall and winter, every time we leave our house, a model will leave for all the leisure moments we have at home – of course it is. slipper. Semi-open models that we will be in search of warm and high quality slippers for autumn and winter days, which you can easily wear and take off as favorites, will come to the fore.

7 best models with Rodea shelves

With Rodea you can always rely on quality and comfort, and every Rodea store awaits you to make sure you always choose the perfect shoe model for your foot and style. trained and experienced sales staff it is completely dedicated to the customer and thanks to the smaller format the store is always available.

As additional help for your next purchase at Rodea, below we offer you an overview of the seven best models for all occasions the fall / winter 2020 season brings, and at your nearest Rodea store and

For elegant business combinations

Rodea Marko shoes Autumn Winter 2020.

For everyday combinations with a trendy shift

Rodea Muss boots fall winter 2020.

For the coldest days

Rodea Rieker boots in winter 2020.

For an effective evening look

Rodea Dec 2020 autumn winter boots.

For all rainy and snowy days

Rodea Ma-Cri boots in winter 2020.

For long autumn walks

Rodea igi & Co sneakers autumn winter 2020.
igi & CO

For all the free moments at home


All models at the nearest Rodea store and rodea.hrand follow all the news and updates on Rodea Instagram profile I Facebook page.

Photo: Pexels, Rodea




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