Rodea has great shoes for fall 2020 with the signature of European brands

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We got rainy and fresh autumn days that announced the cold months ahead and set the perfect moment for a seasonal wardrobe transformation. Although we have already added the first autumn models and trends to our wardrobes, now is the time to focus on versatile, functional and most importantly, comfortable to wear models that we will spend the entire autumn and winter season. With our indispensable favorites for cold days such as warm knitwear and coats, one of the key roles in each autumn and winter wardrobe and combinations will be played by the shoes we choose.

The pursuit the best shoes we will wear this fall and winterwe’re going to look for a few different things. They will no doubt stand out in the first place comfort as the most important factor in choosing autumn and winter shoes. To make sure we choose the best and most comfortable shoes, these will be found elsewhere. material quality and workmanship. In the third row he will find himself alone model view – Simple silhouette and neutral colors are the perfect combination to create the most attractive models, while trendy details such as rivets and buckles bring striking details to them.

Where you can find comfortable and quality shoes for the 2020/2021 autumn / winter season. which one will fit any combination perfectly?

Nero giardini
Nero giardini

The most comfortable and highest quality shoes bear European signature

We will look for the answer to the search for the perfect shoe model on the shelves every season. Rodea store. The popular shoe chain gathers in its stores to offer their customers the best model offering and proven quality. Europe’s leading shoe brands like brands Ara, Rieker, Skechers, IMAC, IGI & Co, Nero Giardini, Wonders, Gioseppo, Arberola, Mascia, Zen. They are all different when it comes to the models they offer, but they have one thing in common – the quality of workmanship and the materials they guarantee.

On the world fashion scene, European shoe brands stand out with their models made of the highest quality materials that make each pair of shoes comfortable to wear and worth the investment as they will last for years. Except for the upper materials that all shoe models you can find on the shelves are made Rodea storeBehind these models is the superior craftsmanship stemming from the techniques of the greatest European masters applied in modern production.

Nero giardini

With Rodea you can always rely on quality and comfort, and every Rodea store is waiting for you to always make sure you choose the perfect shoe model for your foot and style. trained and experienced sales staff it is completely dedicated to the customer and thanks to the smaller format the store is always available.

The best models for autumn and winter from the Rodea collection

For the autumn and winter seasons Rodea store chain prepared an excellent selection of models. You can find it on Rodea shelves for autumn days. The most comfortable models of autumn shoesflat or heels. With autumn shoes ideal for business combinations, you can find your favorite sports models on Rodea shelves – fashion sneakers One of the world’s most popular fashion accessories for the past few seasons. The autumn and winter shoe collection is not complete without boots, and Rodea has prepared a variety of models, among which the most preferred black ankle boots stand out.

Below you can see some comfortable models from the current Rodea offer, which you can find at your nearest Rodea store. rodea.hrand follow all the news and updates on Rodea Instagram profile I Facebook page.

Black ankle boots

igi & Co.

Trendy sneakers


Autumn shoes

igi & CO

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