Petra and David made the most beautiful Mediterranean wedding with a boho touch

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The coronavirus outbreak left its mark on the wedding world. Looking forward to their day, many of the newlyweds found themselves in an uncertain situation where the safest choice was to cancel the wedding until next year. Yet, despite the coronavirus, summer has brought you some of the best stories of non-classic weddings that will pamper you and undoubtedly find inspiration when your big day approaches.

The image of their big day and the preparations before it was shared with us by Petra and David, a young couple who gathered everything they love in one place and turned it into a Mediterranean dream wedding. Traditional and far from the expected, with an added touch of boho, a seaside and an idyllic peeping ceremony, below you’ll discover the story of one of the most beautiful weddings on our beach this summer.

Not that classic Mediterranean wedding

Petra and David have known each other since they were little, and their love has lasted almost 14 years since their high school days. They say their love built them and made them the people they are today. They’ve had difficult moments that life has prepared for all of us, but of course, there are also wonderful moments that you always keep. When you have that special person with you, you recreate it every day. Petra is originally a southern graphic designer and David is an economist who has been a passionate sailor since childhood. They both love the Mediterranean, Dalmatia, nature and dogs.

For them, a wedding was a formal ceremony that you wouldn’t need if you love each other, and they refused this unnecessary act. “The years pass, you grow a little bit, you change, but you still love with all your heart, you see the people around you, and you realize that you are happy with that small handful of people around you and you can call them family and friends. With such happiness you think why not celebrate love and spend a day of fun, singing, loving, and celebrating life to them and yourself. “ , says the young couple.

And so they, the sea people of origins and sports, suddenly decided it was time for a Mediterranean celebration. They wanted the wedding to be in Dalmatia and of course in nature, where Lotları and other four-legged friends would be friends with their favorite people. This idea arose long ago when talking about things they would love. We didn’t want anything traditional and boring in any way, we wanted everyone to relax, to be happy, to feel like they were on vacation. They didn’t want official ceremonies, protocols, and templates. The wedding is by the sea, on the lookout and on the beach, let the DJ play, drink the cocktails and let everything be spontaneous, but on one condition: we want time without rain because there is no alternative. No bouquets, no first dance, no protocols and regulations … just light fun.

Because they only decided to get married in February and then came the time to ban the meeting, they didn’t know or agree on anything until the end of May, and they kept their guests informed in February in curiosity until the end.. They patiently armed and waited. Finally, a record-breaking organization followed, it wouldn’t have been successful if we hadn’t surrounded ourselves with a team of professionals with whom we collaborated and made our dream wedding come true..

When you decide on something new and different, it’s not so simple because nothing is as solid as in traditional weddings. We mainly chose the local team, there were people who knew the area and were able to jump quickly due to uncertain situations, and there were a large number. For example, how can I get all guests to a 113 m high lookout point on a macadam road? We thought it would be possible with personal cars, but when we went to test this two weeks before the date, we found that it would not be exactly what we had predicted. Here are the Drago guys with 4 × 4 pick-ups who gave us and our guests an unforgettable, slightly adrenaline-filled experience.. The decoration and flowers were signed by the Floranita Flower design team, which we clicked on at the first communication and immediately understood our wishes and story. We wanted a Mediterranean bohemian story of pastel hues filled with lights they know them.“Says, the couple.

Girls from Hair for Life Zadar took care of the light boho hairstyle of the bride and other guests and makeup artist Katarina Jukić from Šibenik, effortless beach glow It took all evening. At the wedding ceremony at the Čelinka lookout point, the young talented singer and friend of the couple, Lara Demarin, sang and managed to cry in her beautiful, gentle voice, while at the same time managing to make everyone laugh.

After the ceremony, we headed towards the Lantana restaurant in Čigrađa bay on the island of Murter, where the owners prepared the most delicious dish with Dalmatian flavors and for a late meal there was a return from neighboring Italy; pizzas in different combinations. “Again, thanks to the whole Lantane team, they were very professional, courteous and accommodating to all our wishes and gave us a day to remember from the first meeting we felt safe in their hands. DJ Symart is responsible for the “beach atmosphere” that lasts all night and justified all the advice. We decided on Nikola Matić because we had lots of advice when choosing a photographer and we liked his style at first. We wanted an unnoticed and spontaneous photographer, and Nikola won us over with his approach that, besides his photographs, he made it clear to us that he would do whatever we wanted for us. When we look at the photos, we relive every moment of our wedding with a smile on our faces “, Peter and David are talking.

Croatian design fan Petra asked for a dress from a local brand from the very beginning and our duo Envy Room decided. “The guys won me in the beginning, they were very cheerful, relaxed and open to my ideas, I have a light, airy and dreamy fairy tale dress”, Peter’s story.

Petra, owner of the Clicker graphics studio, is responsible for creating creative ideas such as menu, guest list, graphic design and printing.

For the end of this story, there is a beautiful boho cake from Šibenik Yum Patisserie, which is a combination of Mediterranean flavors of citrus, pistachio and chocolate.

Looking back, we would not change a single thing, it was a weekend to remember, our dear people and dogs, all together, cheerful and carefree … just as we wanted, the evening before Midsummer Night, the desired warmth, a gentle summer breeze, a long day and magic in the air. Real summer date ou

Ornaments and flowers: Floranita – Floral design

Photo: Nikola Matić

Location: Beach bar Lantana, Čigrađa bay, Murter

Song: Lara Demarin

Muzika: DJ Symart

Torta: YUM pastry shop

Dress: Envy room

Hair Style: Hair for Life Zadar

Makeup: Katarina Jukić

Graphic design and printing:




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