Permed Bridal Hairstyles

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Permed bridal hairstyle is preferred by many women. It can be the first choice of many women to choose this hair, especially when it comes to the day they consider as the most special day of their lives. This hair stands out as the best choice to have beautiful and wavy hair.

Permalı Gelin Saç Modelleri Permed Bridal Hairstyles

If you have a straight hair, this is the best choice to get a wavy and curly look. There are many perm hairstyles. Of course, these models differ according to your face type. First of all, you need to determine the perm model according to your facial features. Then, you should ask your hairdresser to apply this model.

Which Face Type Is the Perm Hair Model Suitable for?

All women dream of being a beautiful bride at their wedding. Many women plan for that special day for many years. Of course, it is important to deal with everything in detail and to make the right decision. If you are going to choose a perm hair model, you first need to decide which one is suitable for your face type. Since there are many perm models, it is easy to find a model suitable for almost all face types. But you still need to choose the model that suits your lines, the length and roundness of your face. You can make the right choice among the models below.

Water Wave Perm Model

Su Dalgası Perma Modeli Water Wave Perm Model

​​The water wave perm model is among the most preferred models of women in recent years. Not only brides but also women who will attend special events prefer this model very often. The feature of this model is that the ends of the hair have large waves. In this way, the hair has a cooler and fuller appearance. This model is generally preferred by women with long hair. This model can be preferred for many hair as long as it is not too short.

Thin Perm Model

İnce Perma Modeli Thin Perm Model

​​If you are going to choose a thin perm model, you have to be more careful than other models. Because this model may not suit every woman compared to others. If your hair is normally fluffy, it is recommended that you do not choose this model. Because the perm done in this way will cause the hair to be more fluffy than it is. Women who choose this model should have fine hair. Women who prefer the fine perm model have the chance to use their hair for 2 to 4 months without degradation.

Natural-Looking Perm Model

Doğal Görünümlü Perma Natural-Looking Perm

Even if you wear a wedding dress, you can choose if you do not want to lose your natural appearance. the most accurate model will be natural looking perm. The desired natural appearance is achieved by using the narrowest perm rods in the construction of this model. After the perming process, the embossing process is applied to the hair by brushing it outwards correctly. This model will be the best choice for a natural look. It is the only perm model that can be preferred with a plain wedding dress.

Bun Perm Hair Model

Topuz Perma Saç Modeli Bun Perm Hair Model

​​Perhaps the best choice for women who will have a bridal hairdo will be a bun. It is possible to have both a bun and a perm. This stands out as the most ideal model choice. If you are thinking of a countryside wedding and want a shabby look, this choice stands out as the right choice. Among the advantages of this model, it is important that it does not cover the face, but has a natural look. Of course, before having this model, you also need to decide whether it is suitable with a wedding dress.

Plump Perm Model

Dolgun Perma Modeli Plump Perm Model

​​When you are a bride, you should have a more mature style instead of having a wacky look. If you want, you can use your preference for the plump perm model. In this model, it will be easier for you to decide where your hair will stand. You can either hang it down your shoulders or ask it to lie behind you.

Overlapping Perm Model

Üst Üste Perçemli Perma Modeli Overlapping Perm Model

​​If you are going to be a bride with short hair, there is a perm model you can choose. In fact, although there are perm models for more than one short hair, most of them are very herpes, so this is the right choice. By integrating with the overlapping bangs, the perm will allow you to create a different image. If the face of the bride-to-be is rounded, this model will offer her what she wants. You will both have a long face line and you will be a cool bride.

Wavy Perm Hair Model

Dalgalı Perma Saç Modeli Wavy Perm Hair Model

​​It is everyone’s dream to gain a different look while income. Because that day is the most special day for women. For this reason, they will want to choose the most beautiful one among the many hair styles they can choose. For this, perm models offer them many options. If you want to have curly hair but also have a straight look, the wavy perm hairstyle will offer you this. It will be the ideal choice especially for brides of medium length, who have hair slightly below shoulder line.

2020 Permed Bridal Hairstyles

2020 permed bridal hairstyles offer many options for those who will become brides this year. You can choose many perm models to live the fabulous day of your dreams and find the most beautiful woman of the day. There are many models that you can apply according to your hair type and the shape of your face.

2020 Permalı Gelin Saç Modeli 2020 Permed Bridal Hairstyle

You can make a bun and add waves to your long hair. You can even apply perm models to your short hair. With the crown you will add on it, you can take your place in the living room as a special beauty from space. On a day when you can be under the eyes of everyone, this model offers you different options.

Gelin Perma Saç Modeli Bridal Perm Hairstyle

With the little touches to be made, you will have a wonderful day for yourself and your spouse with your perm hair, wonderful wedding dress and nice posture. Another advantage of perm models is that they are suitable for roses, flowers and crowns to be added to the hair. For this reason, you can easily choose among the most suitable permed bridal hairstyles for yourself.




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