PERMANENT NAIL Dry Manicure (Russian Manicure) is widely used in other hairdressers …

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🌺❤️‼ ️BALANT NAIL 💅🏿 Dry Manicure (Russian Manicure) can be used much longer than Watered manicure, which is widely used in other hairdressers, and makes you feel the difference. The photo clearly explains how clear the dry manicure looks and the nail polish looks flawless enough. . ✌ Permanent nail polish The usage time is 10-15 days (the duration of use is an average, it can be longer or shorter according to the person) Yes, acetone as we know it will not be damaged even if you use the acetone that others remove the permanent nail polish in my material. ✌ To shorten the length, simply file it. ✌ Just select the model you want. ✌✌Coffee is on us biz. . .I . #gelnails # gelnail # permanent nail # prosthetic nail #nailart # nail # beauty # bombre #frenchnail # frenchmanicure # nail design #gelnail #acrylicnails # nailmodels # oval nailmodels # elongate nailmodels # manicure # rusmanicure # hand care # nail decoration # renewednails care




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