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Our Personalized Hair Coloring Look & Learn Workshop program with Ahmet Çoban, which we organized with the cooperation of Altier Academy, Wella Professionals and Dyson, starts on Monday, September 14, 2020 at 10:00. We look forward to our applied look & learn workshop program with Ahmet Çoban, one of the most important names of Turkish Hairdressing, who has achieved international success. Note: Due to hygiene measures, participation quota is limited. Altier Academy Hairdressing department is intended for the participation of students and alumni. Due to the participation limit, a participation statement (LCV) is mandatory. For LCV 0212 660 06 64 / DM @ahmetcobain @garagehairrepairstudio #AhmetCobain #GarageRepair @dysonturkey @dysonhair @wellaprofessionalsturkey @altieracademy @altierhairmakeup # Hairdressing #HairDressing #Hairdresser #HairStylist @nrademynaysen




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