Optik Anda has up to 50% discount on sunglasses and prescription frames.

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Autumn is always a great time to freshen up your wardrobe. One of the reasons for this is that the different models brought by the new collections with the signature of famous brands are generously presented and it is very easy to find these few excellent innovations among them. Alongside the new models, autumn this year brought us great discounts and promotions that made shopping even more attractive, and everyone chose an even better investment. After adding new favorites to our wardrobes for autumn and winter days, it’s time to refresh our fashion accessories collection. One of the actions you don’t want to miss these days is the famous one Optics.

Optika Anda is a popular destination for choosing the best models of sunglasses and prescription frames, offering world-leading brands such as fashion houses Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Gucci and Saint Laurent, as well as brands dedicated to glasses such as Ray Ban and Vogue. Always keeping up with the latest fashion trends, the glasses offered by Optika Anda will be the perfect addition to any wardrobe and combination.

For the fall season, in addition to the excellent model offers, the favorite optician has prepared equally good discounts, so now is the time for new sunglasses and prescription frames.

Bottega Veneta sunglasses Optik Anda
Bottega Veneta (Your Optics)

Optik Anda offers a great discount on sunglasses and prescription frames

Optika Anda has always become one of the favorite shopping destinations in addition to Zagreb, as a venue that always brings together the best eyewear models with the signatures of the best brands in the world. many other Croatian cities. A big promotion with discounts of up to 50% is now waiting for you at all branches of Optika Anda.

Classic or trendy, sunglasses are now 30% offwhen you are open a handful of different diopter framesThe most desirable ones are cat-shaped or neat but effective metal frames, Waiting until 50% discount. For those who wear prescription lenses, Optik Anda reduced prices by 30%. Ideal time other than buying new sunglasses or prescription frames yes check your opinion What can you do in Optical Anda Completely free by advance reservation Optika-anda.com/poliklinika/ .

Below are some of the best models you can find right now at Optika Anda at significantly discounted prices; this one this fall and winter – and will make your everyday combinations even more beautiful next year.

Prescription frames

Ray Ban Prescription Frames Optical Anda
Ray Ban (Your Optics)
Chanel prescription frames Optical Anda
Chanel (Optical Anda)
Vogue Prescription Frames Optical Anda
Vogue (Your Optics)
Predict diopter frames Optical Anda
Prediction (Your Optics)
Max Mara Prescription Frames Optical Anda
Max Mara (Your Optics)
Vogue Eyewear Prescription Frames Optical Anda
Vogue (Your Optics)
Furla Diopter Frames Optically At
Furla (Your Optics)
Versace prescription frames Optical Anda
Versace (Your Optics)
Dolce & Gabbana Prescription Frames Optical Anda
Dolce & Gabbana (Your Optics)

Additional information and offers of Optika Anda brands and models can be viewed at: Optika-anda.com and at your nearest branch.

Photo: Instagram, Your Optika




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