Most Popular Hairstyles and Colors of 2020

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You can look cooler with the most popular hairstyles and colors of 2020 ! We list the models and colors that will be trendy this year among women!

Voluminous Hairstyles

Voluminous Hairstyles

2020 trend hairstyles are the first in our list. Voluminous hair takes the order, because this year we will encounter plenty of hair in this style! By adding extra volume and fullness to the hair, you can adapt to the fashion of the year and reflect your style. Street fashion comes to the fore especially with the hairstyle that brings back the 70s!

Low Ponytail Models

Low Ponytail Models

The most popular of 2020 Among the hairstyles and colors , there is also a low ponytail model. This year, simplicity and naturalness are in fashion all over the world! The low ponytail is also one of the 2020 favorite hairstyles for those who love this style! It goes well with casual outfits and stylish combinations.

Braided Hair Trends

Braided Hair Trends

2020 popular hairstyles an innocent and cute vibe. including braid hair! The braid hair trend that started in 2019 continues this year as well! You do not need to deal with difficult and complex models for knitting, you can activate your hair and style with simple, classic braids! Especially the classic, messy, shabby braids are very popular!

Wet Looking Hair!

Wet-Looking Hair!

One more hairstyle that was once in vogue makes its way into the trendiest hairstyles 2020 list: Wet-looking hair! A model that will be enjoyed by those who love natural and a little masculine style! Both preserve its permanence for a long time and it is extremely easy to make this model!

Side Parting Hairstyles!

Side Parting Hairstyles!

Another hairstyle we can offer you for the most popular hairstyles and colors of 2020 is the side parting hair! In 2020, not much split hair will be used; in hair models with a side parting weight! One of the best things about opting for this hairstyle is that it creates a more voluminous hair look! In other words, it is a hair that people who complain about voluminous and dull hair will love it!


Attractive Hair with Bangs!

Being one of the fashionable hairstyles of every era, fringed hair is very popular especially with the influence of celebrities for the last two years! It is possible to change your mood quite a lot with bangs! While it is fashionable for women with wide foreheads to wear longer bangs, women with narrow foreheads may prefer slightly shorter bangs. In 2020, plain and plain bangs that are not exaggerated are more prominent! Let’s not go without saying that the bang cut gives a more energetic and youthful air!

Bob Cut Hair

Nostalgic Bob Cut Hair

Among the most trendy hairstyles of the year, the vintage style bob The cut also includes short hair. This hairstyle, which has a nostalgic and romantic style, can be a super choice especially for wavy, blonde hair! The haircut comes to chin level. In short, it brings modernity and classic together.

Wavy Hairstyles

Soft Wavy Hairstyles

You can take a bit of work while styling and creating soft waves, but it’s definitely worth it! Natural, soft and romantic wavy hair is very trendy this year! It creates a very attractive look in both short hairstyles like Bob cut and long hair! After making your hair, it will be one of the impressive rewards of your effort to make them look natural and not too much effort!

Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Pixie Cut Hairstyles

Brave in 2020 , one of the favorites of enthusiastic and innovative women: Pixie hairstyle! The sides and back are short, while the hair on the top is longer. Pixie styles are practical, they have a youthful and energetic vibe. You can also use these hair in different styles; side Pixie, Pixie with long bangs, messy Pixie, Pixie with short bangs are the trends of the season.

Pastel Pink Colored Hair

Pastel Pink Hair

2020 Among the most trendy hair colors are pastel pink ombre hair with reflections. Between brown or dark hair, it is preferred especially with blonde hair as it is used at the ends.

In 2020, pinks, purples, blues and turquoise are frequently used. Those who dare to make a difference in their hair tend to use permanent or temporary color applications. Colorful details on both long and short hair are very popular this year!

Gold and Caramel Ombre Hair

Gold and Caramel Ombre Hair

Popular hair Between the colors of 2020 , ombre hair has another place! While Ombre makes women look more attractive and sexy, with this application, bright colors are emitted from their hair. As a 2020 trend in ombre colors, golden and caramel tones are used together. It creates a harmonious look for every skin color.

Warm Caramel Hair

Warm Caramel Hair

Caramel hair colors are very common among women this year! Warm glitters are used frequently this year; Thus, both shiny and remarkable and natural hair is obtained. Caramel has many shades; Especially honey caramel, toffee caramel and cream caramel fashion stand out!

Cold Brown Hair

Cool Brown Hair

The most popular hair of 2020 Finally, let’s talk about cold brown tones in our list of models and colors ! Cold coffees are very cool, elegant and go with everything! Women of all skin colors can use these shades. Cold coffee colors are both bright and elegant. It is among the ideal options for those who love natural and simple hair colors. It also matches well with many forms of makeup. It is a very popular hair color for women both in summer and winter in 2020!




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