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The arrival of the new season also marks the new season of everyone’s favorite shopping spray. Marathon tour at popular brand stores, coffee and lunch to gain energy and beat the list, a ritual not to be missed in the summer. The routine wardrobe update has long become a carefully designed event that we have written on the calendar.

No more “ah” moment

In the search for things that don’t make us smile, we sometimes find those who turn our exciting shopping moments into “ah” moments by thinking about how it would feel on a special budget. Zeroes in front of the currency sometimes cause a heavy heart to give up a much-desired bag, a dress that fits like a spit, a jacket that will be the star of a business meeting, or a tool that will make our lives indescribably easier.

Solved dilemma: desired vs. possible

How to balance what is desired with what is possible is an eternal dilemma. But there is a solution because today’s banks understand the needs of modern people and create options that are important and necessary for us.

One of these is interest-free installments. myRBA mobile application.

Although at first this might seem like the most common cost-sharing principle, myRBA goes one step further, allowing users to more conveniently balance the monthly budget.

How does this thing work?

For anyone who does not take the “tin in installments” option while shopping in the store, my RBA gives them the opportunity to do this even after shopping.

The same goes for shopping on websites. Why send it to different brands’ accounts within a month although you can split your salary into several smaller transactions?

Take out my RBA, get a prize

And those amounts that seem impossible to divide now, here’s a quick denial Download MyRBA and share the last purchases made with RBA credit cards. The interesting thing about the whole story is the moment prize game It will run until 20 November 2020. So when you download and activate myRBA and make your first transaction, you have a chance to win a cell phone or smartwatch (who wouldn’t be happy about that!).

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