Mango fur ballerinas are on sale this season

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When Comfy launched its collection a few weeks ago, Spanish fashion brand Mango gave us a few reasons to stay at the warmth of our own home. One piece is softer and more comfortable than the other, and there is no doubt that this is a collection that perfectly addresses the current season.

Depending on the epidemiological situation, we are gradually withdrawn to our home and we organize social activities within our own 4 walls. We also love to devote our moments to such comfortable pieces that will never hinder us, and lying on the sofa takes a whole new dimension. Mango’s Comfy clothing collection is accompanied by a consistently sold fur slippers shoe model that surprisingly proved to be one of the best selling shoe styles offered by the Mango fashion brand this season.

The mango-fur ballerina everyone wants

Mango presents this cute model on their page as ballerinas, but they irresistibly remind us of the house slippers that we will spend the weekend in. They are made of faux fur and they are supposedly very comfortable and warm and we always try to achieve this effect with shoes when the coldest winter days come.

They seem like a total hit on the Mango web store, because we’ve been following them for a while and they’re running out once in a while. Even now, some numbers aren’t available, but you can pre-register and Mango will notify you when they’re available again. The price is super affordable 169 kuna. You can find them here.

Photo: Mango