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Announcement of a new series based in Paris with the team responsible for the cult series Sex and the CityIt was enough to make all fans of romantic and wavy TV series curious, as well as all fashion fans. Following the announcement came a list of collaborators and cast members, with costume designer Patricia Field, known for her wild combinations of Lily Collins and Carrie Bradshaw, as the lead. The glitz grew even more when the first photos from the shoots taken on the streets of Paris entered the voice names, and the new Netflix series Emily in Paris promised a lot. Maybe too much. A series of ten episodes lasting about thirty minutes Emily in Paris It reached Netflix on October 2. As expected, the new Netflix series immediately found itself among the Top 10 most watched both in the world and in Croatia. However, the reactions that followed were far from expected.

The most anticipated Netflix series of years became one of the most hated series overnight, and the majority of television critics and viewers agreed that the series failed at almost everything. Why is that? You can read our impressions hereAnd today we’re bringing you a review of perhaps the best part of the show, but perhaps the best – the visual story in the lead role.

Is fashion the best thing in the “Emily in Paris” series?

Darren Star has recreated a visually appealing story. Paris’ idyllic and romantic scenes, colors and accompanying music create a wonderful atmosphere on the small screens. Despite being unrealistic, the scenes were created for fun and escape at the end of the day. Just like Paris, this is precisely the fashion in the series that played a huge role in creating the atmosphere and visual story – far from reality, but with a bit of charm that we can enjoy.

Fashion story series Emily in Paris brings us everything expected – luxury fashion brands, berets and Drumstick worn as a fashion accessory. The signature of costume designer Patricia Field is easily recognizable in the blending of mismatch that gives a dramatic effect to every combination in Emily’s wardrobe. Referring to the style of Carrie Bradshaw and Audrey Hepburn, the series offers several good fashion releases.

Still what Emily in Paris Not being able to catch up even when it comes to fashion is a touch of reality. The formula behind Emily’s wardrobe is simple: bright colors and colorful patterns, designer bags at a very high price for a marketing consultant’s salary, and the inevitable addition of hats. cherry on top sweet and extravagant combinations. For ten episodes, Lily Collins as Emily walks the screen in combinations, almost like a caricature of the American French fashion sense. While a little more moderate and realistic, even the outfit combinations of Parisian heroes fail in their intention to transfer the recognizable French style from the streets of Paris to the world of the series.

With all its flaws, and by that, when we mean both the drama and the fashion in the series, the charming Lily Collins manages to get the best out of a poorly designed and over-dressed character.

The combinations Emily chooses every day are definitely not the ones we can imagine, but if you love fashion, they will definitely entertain you and make you laugh, and some fashion moments may even inspire you.

Below we’ll take a look at some of Emily’s best, worst, and craziest editions in Paris.

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