Karla Zelić shows how she wears adidas ZX 2k Boost sneakers

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A new ‘it’ sneaker model came to the streets of the city

Impressive, stylist and future musician Karla zelicis better known on Instagram as: SuperbabeKillahShe is one of the Croatian women who draws attention with her style, personality and strong demeanor. He’s not taking off his new favorite sneakers these days – adidas ZX 2K Boost model its brightly colored base draws attention.

How does Karla combine Adidas TX 2k Boost sneakers?

“The Adidas ZX 2k Boost is great for me because it’s the kind of sneaker that can be combined with almost any type of outfit. They look great in a casual variant, jeans, sweatpants, but also as a totally cool ‘surprise’ on a jacket or suit. They have an urban urban aspect and give any combination an attitude, so in addition to a suit, they also look great on a dress, skirt or coat. I have combined them in quite different combinations and they work well in any case. Since they have a white and pink-blue base, I thought it would be more difficult to combine them, but they look great if I put them in whatever I wear. And I’m a supporter of the sporty / casual look with a touch of elegance and that’s why I am happy that these sneakers match every one of my ‘stories’. “commented, Karla.

The ZX line owes its title as the leader of adidas Originals sneakers to the combination of the latest technologies and the best design, and when they added the revolutionary BOOST technology to adidas, they have the most comfortable sneakers on the market. Since its debut in 1984, the adidas Originals ZX model sets trends among sneakers inspired by racing models. However, this range is much more than a comfortable shoe because it is one of the most advanced models characterized by modern design in addition to its revolutionary production technology. The new adidas ZX 2K BOOST sneakers are sold in the adidas, Buzz and The Athlete’s Foot stores in Croatia.

Photo: Dora Barker




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