Karla has all the ‘it’ shoes and bags for the fall / winter 2020/2021.

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Behind us are the first autumn days heralding the start of a new season – both inside and outside our closets. Outside of our cabinets, the new season brings shorter days, lower temperatures and more colorful leaves, and similar changes will enter our cabinets. While new trends will be the perfect refreshment we always look for at the start of a new fashion season, rich colors, interesting textures and striking details will create a magnificent fashion story in every wardrobe.

From models inspired by the seventies to the simplicity and elegance of favorite fashion classics, the clothes are the first evocation of the fall and winter look. But, There is no wardrobe for the fall / winter 2020/2021 season. wouldn’t be complete without fashion accessories It always stands out as the perfect fashion spice that makes every look better and more special.

At the center of the world of fashion accessories and trends that will mark it, bags and shoes will come to the fore in new and effective models that are not expected too much this season. Everything should have bag and shoe models for autumn and winter days we find in karla stores.

Shoes, sneakers, boots, bags…
– all trendy models in one place

Season to season, we always look for the most desired fashion accessories in one place. Karla stores. Apart from well-known locations in Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Dubrovnik and Rijeka, all the trendy models in the luxury Karla offer are also available on their online stores, making it even better and easier to search for key fashion accessories.

The only place you should visit to find the best fashion accessories is Karla stores and online store. Why? In them you will discover a carefully crafted collection that brings together a combination of the most desirable models in all seasons, of which you will undoubtedly find the perfect ones for your style and wardrobe. What makes every pair of shoes and every bag special in Karla stores with an effective look inspired by the biggest trends of the fashion world. Signature of prestigious world brands guaranteeing high quality.

From famous fashion houses to the biggest brands dedicated to making top quality fashion accessories, models that are at the top of today’s fashion world and can be found in Karla stores and online store. Marc Jacobs, See Cloé, Karl Lagerfeld, Tory Burch i Twinset.

What has Karla prepared for the 2020/2021 fall / winter season?

New fashion season, new fashion accessories

We will step into the autumn season with our favorite classic from the shoe world – elegant and versatile ballerinas. It will stand out on the autumn shelf as an inevitable model with ballerinas as a classic choice. fashion sneakers – in white and with the addition of striking details and thick insoles. The shoes that we will admire equally in autumn and winter are boots. As the key fashion accessory of the season, Boots They come with a handful of great models so almost anyone can find their perfect model. Some of this year’s favorites are black ankle boots, lace-up boots, thick-soled boots, and boho-touch models.

In addition to boots, we will add it to wardrobes and combinations every autumn and winter. backpack. Trendy bags this season, they bring a mix of interesting textures and details that give them a trendy character and impactful look. From charming cross body models to large tote bags elegant models as designed for business wardrobes cool bag For those who love to be different, this season bags really look better than ever!

In the search for new fashion accessories, we have already taken a look at Karla’s diverse and luxurious fashion accessories collection for the fall / winter 2020/2021. and selected some of the season’s best models. Which models and how to wear them? Everything should have bags and shoes and some outfit inspiration can be found in the fashion editorial and fashion video story below!

Modern elegance for autumn days

Twinset top / Twinset kratke hlače / Tory Burch bag / Tory burch balerinke /

Casual and fun every day

Twinset blejzer / Twinset dolčevita / Twinset hlače / Marc Jacobs bag / Marc Jacobs sneakers
Marc Jacobs bag

Emphasis on textures

Twinset hood / Twinset pulover / Twinset hlače / Marc Jacobs bag / Fabi boots
Loriblu boots

Fifty shades of brown

Twinset dolčevita / Twinset hlače / Ladybug bag / Rossetti Brothers čizme

A small bag and large boots are the perfect pair

Twinset dolčevita / Twinset hlače / Diego M prsluk / Karl Lagerfeld bag / Fratelli Rosetti shoes

Futurism with a trendy change

Twinset odijelo / Twinset Tshirt / Karl Lagerfeld bag / Karl Lagerfeld sneakers

Favorite classics in the bohemian edition

TREND: Cowboy Boots
Twinset dress / See the Chloé bag / Twinset bots
Giancarlo Paoli boots

Photo: Sanja Ebip Jagatic

Video: RedLight Production

Model: Karla (Talia Model)

Forming: Iva Gradišer

Make-up: Sonja Kvesić

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