İZİPİZİ sunglasses that provide protection against blue light are among the sine qua non today.

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Emma Luketin wears IZIPIZI glasses for blue screens and reading

The modern lifestyle we all live today requires us to stay in front of various screens for a long time, which is our inevitable daily life. It’s hard to leave them, here’s on our laptops, when we get home we turn on the TV, and the cell phones that we didn’t let go all this time follow.

An impressive young YouTuber, Ema Luketin is a true example of a girl for whom SCREEN eyeglass models are the ideal ally in successfully accomplishing their daily goals and tasks. Due to the nature of her job, Emma spends a long time primarily on her cell phone and laptop, taking care of her eyes first, and never leaves her IZIPIZI SCREEN glasses while she is next to the screen.

Emma Luketin wears blue screens and IZIPIZI glasses for reading


The glasses in the SCREEN collection have special lenses that filter 40% of the “blue light” from the “thin” screen and bring a touch of style, elegance and modern design to your daily life. In other words, while you surf the Internet carelessly, IZIPIZI glasses protect your eyes from harmful HEV rays, which are a new danger that threatens us because we are constantly exposed to them, they belong to the blue belt of electromagnetic light, they are close to purple rays and they are extremely damaging to our skin as they penetrate. deeper and cause greater damage and aging to the skin.


Besides her job, Emma is also a student, so there is always a high-quality, light and comfortable READING glasses model in her bag or book. They come in diopter-free and in versions +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50 and +3.00 diopters.

Emma Luketin wears blue screens and IZIPIZI glasses for reading
Emma Luketin wears blue screens and IZIPIZI glasses for reading

Wearing DISPLAY and READING glasses is a must for our eye health nowadays, and Emma shows us how these glasses models can be a stylish and daring fashion accessory.

In the IZIPIZA offer we can find reading glasses, sunglasses, protective glasses against the screen, as well as glasses for children and the whole family. With its unique design, high quality and wide color range, İZİPİZİ glasses leave very few indifferent.

You can follow all the news about this brand from the official ones. Facebook I Instagram pages.

Emma Luketin wears blue screens and IZIPIZI glasses for reading
Emma Luketin wears blue screens and IZIPIZI glasses for reading

Photo: John Pavlish




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