I think she already has all the winter 2020 clothes and fashion accessories.

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Even though we were two months apart from the start of winter, the cold autumn days of October reminded us that the winter time would come much earlier and now is the perfect time to start thinking about your winter wardrobe. While the transition from autumn to winter will not bring a major and dramatic transformation in the wardrobe, the coldest winter days will still seek a few accessories that will refresh the autumn look and add extra warmth to it. How to create the perfect winter wardrobe in every closet? The secret lies in a good fashion scheme and a few key outfits and fashion accessories.

Perfect pieces for the winter wardrobe

At the center of the fashion world, our wardrobes, warm coats and trend knits, leather and denim fabrics, our fashion accessories that cannot be thought of with winter clothing combinations, bags and boots are coming back every winter. In the classic version or colored according to the most desirable trends of the current season, A few key models will easily create the perfect winter wardrobe in any wardrobe. The most challenging task is to find these versatile pieces and the best models the first winter collections bring.

This year it will be easier than ever to plan and create a winter wardrobe because fashion brand Guess has gathered everything we need to turn autumn into a winter look in our collection. What does the popular Italian fashion brand offer for the upcoming cold days?

Unimaginable parts in winter

Guess clothes and fashion accessories stand out and stand out in the crowd with the addition of the Italian style, which is inspired by the most desired fashion trends of the season and is recognized every season. Classic and feminine, at the same time daring and trendy, Guess models have been created to suit the wardrobe of modern women who want to look beautiful in their clothes and feel good. The winter collection will bring us increase confidence even on the coldest days.

Winter in predictive style

Love key parts to start your winter wardrobe they stood out camel hair elegant for you stitched jacket for a comfortable look. With a jacket and a jacket, a winter wardrobe is unthinkable without it knitting The new Guess collection features trendy cuts and the Guess logo. Regardless of the season, the dress is always one of the fashion favorites and Guess combined it with texture to create the winter edition, creating seductive. sweater-dresses. We will add leather and denim pieces to your winter wardrobe to give your winter style a cool look.

Everything you need to transform your wardrobe in favorite outfits and complete your winter look practical bag and winter boots. Some will prefer cross-body models, some will stretch out for a backpack, some will prefer the comfort of flat boots, and some will prefer heeled ankle boots. Whichever models you prefer, you will find the perfect one in the Guess collection.

Below we present a selection of our Guess signature winter favorites, and you can find the entire collection in stores: Guess, Guess Accessories and Fashion & Friends.

Key parts: winter jacket and jacket

I think the hood is 1.699kn
Estimate 1,269kn

Leather clothing

Estimate 1.349kn
639kn guess

Effective knitting

Guess 559kn
I guess pulover 479kn
I think kardigan 1119kn

Dress in the winter edition

I think the dress is 949kn
I think the dress is 949kn

Inevitable denim

I think denim shirt 789kn
I think jeans 789kn

Practical and trendy bag

Bag guess 1.059kn
I think the bag is 849kn
Bag guess 1.059kn
Ruksak Estimate 1.049kn
Ruksak estimate 1.029kn

Winter boots

Guess čizme 1.179kn
Guess bots 1.249kn
Guessing boots 1.219kn
Guess čizme 1.329kn
Prediction boots 1.219kn

Photo: Guess




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