I could not miss the opportunity that had come, even in the midst of all this hustle and bustle. . The reason for a day trip …

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😊 😊 I could not miss the opportunity that had come even in the midst of this hustle and bustle 😃. . The reason for my one-day trip to Istanbul 🇹🇷 and to visit one of the famous #themostkuafor halls and to be with people who have something to say about color and technique 💪 and most importantly time management for several customers at the same time, because of myself and my team for the night It was Eid. 🙂🌺. . I have always said and still say that I enjoy learning. 😍 In my opinion, scheduling for Eid night crowds is one of the important issues that should be managed properly. 🌺 We are waiting to see you on Mahton to make your beautiful hair more beautiful. 😊. . 🎺🥁🎺 🎺🥁🎺 News, News يد You know that the Eid night has started a long time ago and the last three weeks are almost full. 😊 🔅 🔅 So please please fix your time so that we are not ashamed 😍🙏🏻. . گرفتن To make an appointment, please apply directly 🙏🏻🌹🙏🏻 @shirinmoghaddam_Sam center. . . 🙏🏻 ⛔️⛔️Please, please, please do not ask the color combination 🙏🏻⛔️⛔️. , To know the approximate cost of paint, light, creatine and… photo submission is required. Sh @shirin_moghaddam @ shirinmoghaddam_samcenter # ليلا_مقدم


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