How can your clothes stop being a fast consuming item?

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As consumers, we make dozens of decisions that affect our daily life every day, as well as the stamp we leave on the earth. This year, we have more than ever realized how even our small shopping habits are reflected in the world we live in, so we decided to work on them, change them for the better every day, in small steps.

The fashion industry as we know it today has also begun to change. Recognized as the world’s second largest pollutant, he began to surrender to the increasing pressure a few seasons ago, and he faced the inevitable question: how and where do we go

Even then, it turned out that it was time to abandon old practices and return to a new, more sustainable clothing production and business direction, and while some brands reluctantly embraced the challenges and improvements that this change brings, their responsibility to their customers and the environment. There is no doubt that future business decisions will be further accelerated by the collective consciousness of consumers making it increasingly clear that they will no longer participate in the almost vicious circle of constantly buying new and discarding ‘old’ goods.

Determining new fashion rules

In this context, ‘slow fashion’ has become a very interesting concept gaining momentum day by day. The so-called slow fashion is a more ethically acceptable and environmentally sustainable solution for today and the future, and finds its audience among people who are devoted to investing in clothes they can wear for much longer without just a few washes and wear. Instead of an unidentified group of ‘fairy leather’ clothing items, they are now choosing higher quality materials, and so more expensive and even fast fashion chains have begun to adapt to their new interests and launch collections of leather, cashmere, silk and other almost timeless fabric. .

Electrolux believes in a sustainable future

We are not alone in wanting the garments we invested to last for years and decades, just like our mothers and grandmothers’ wardrobes, and we are happy to see that our new-old desire is accepted and supported by the famous Electrolux company. With its products and business philosophy, it defines it as the future of not only fashion but the world as a whole, giving the background wind to a sustainable movement. Electrolux is with us even in small steps towards sustainability that each of us has already taken, and therefore the dryer offering the best care for each of our favorite garments.

What is the link between Electrolux dryers and a sustainable future?

Recognizing that millions of tons of garments are thrown away every year, Electrolux experts are intensely pondering how they can contribute to building a sustainable future. The result is the development of garment care devices that make garments last longer and where we are more conscious and responsible for the clothes we own and wear. Ultimately this means less textile waste and less burden on our planet.

Better care for your clothes, from wash to drying

When you decide that less is really more and that you will put the quality of the garment above quantity, it is time to give the items of your choice the attention they deserve.

The next time you put the dirty laundry in the drum, think of the programs and functions your washing machine really offers you. Electrolux is an advocate of laundry in a sustainable way where it can have a positive impact on the environment without too much effort.

New and improved Electrolux washing machines wash clothes at 30 degrees as efficiently as at 40 degrees while maintaining the color of the clothes and consuming less energy. Using their steam to freshen up their clothes also saves more than 40 gallons of water per cycle.

These washers and dryers feature a Steam Refresh program, ideal only for those moments when you need to refresh your clothes quickly. By using steam, you save water by extending the life of our clothing and also our planet.

Proper detergent dosage and the use of fabric softener are some golden rules for extending the shelf life of our favorite garments we wear.

Sustainable drying of clothes

Modern Electrolux dryers reuse the heated air and at the same time lower the temperature required to produce a satisfactory result, consequently consuming less energy and resulting in lower electricity bills.

Drying with Electrolux PerfectCare dryer

It is a real discovery that Electrolux dryers knowingly deal with our most delicate garments made of wool and silk, for example, as well as meticulously looking after your functional clothes and equipment with their specific programs. It will also protect feathers, jeans, cotton, synthetics, lace and other mixed fabrics during the drying process, your clothes will not shrink and warp like they were until recently.

Energy efficient, yet intuitive at the same time, Electrolux PerfectCare dryers represent the most advanced laundry care system ever and the pinnacle of modern technology design, care and environmental care.

More about Find out about Electrolux PerfectCare tumble dryers hereand at the end of December, by purchasing selected dryer and washing machine models, you are eligible for a gift with the purchase!

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