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Jil Sander

2020 will be remembered as one of those years that surprised, shocked and changed the world. The coronavirus pandemic is a situation that none of us expected and we all have to face collectively and individually. In just a few weeks, everything changed – the way we view the world, the way we care about each other, and the way we live. Every part of our daily life has changed completely. After months of uncertainty that most of us spent in the security of our homes, things slowly began to return to that familiar routine, but with inevitable and important changes. Call novom normalom it encouraged us not only to adopt new habits, but also to find new ways to still enjoy everything we love. We found an excellent alternative online.

While the online world was not unfamiliar to us even before the coronavirus pandemic, in 2020 it proved to be more important and popular than ever. An internet connection and a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer is enough to enjoy everything we love from the security and comfort of our own home. The online world has become a place to socialize, a movie theater, a concert hall, and a favorite shopping destination.

Victoria beckham

The world of fashion (online) at the time of the crown

The coronavirus epidemic has not survived anything, including the fashion world. And while we can still predict what the consequences will be, the first changes are already obvious. One of the biggest changes in the fashion world is the focus on online shopping.

In recent years, online stores have emerged as an increasingly popular shopping route, opening the door to a world of new brands and products. Simplicity of online shopping has always been its biggest advantage, and now, at the time of the crown, another important element that we didn’t pay much attention to until recently has stood out – the security provided by online shopping. In the era of self-isolation, online shopping was very important, especially when it comes to the fashion industry.

Our favorite fashion stores opened a long time ago and although online shopping is not the only option anymore, most of us still stick to it. Why is that? Sense of security is just one of the reasons why online shopping has become the most popular way to shop in 2020. Another world-conquering element of online shopping is the variety it offers – just a few clicks away from (almost) anything we wish. In addition to security and variety, usability is another of its great advantages. Online stores are open every day of the week from 0 to 24, which means we can enjoy shopping at the most convenient time for us.

The new online address for the best shopping

Online shopping will be even better when a great new shopping destination comes to your beloved. Herald for Men and Women, A popular concept store for men and women that brings together the offers of world famous fashion brands in one place will now be available online.

What awaits us at the new address for the best shopping this and next season?


The luxury and diverse offers of the world’s best brands, which we could find so far in the famous Heraldi for Men & Women addresses and Farfetch, one of the largest and most prestigious global shopping platforms, where Heraldi for Men & Women is the sole representative of the Croatian fashion scene, are now new online shopping heraldi.hr.

Heraldi for Men & Women online store brings together more than 2,000 clothing and fashion accessories, among which women and men can easily find their new fashion favorites. Models bearing the signature of fashion brands Jil Sander, Victoria Beckham, Red Valentino and Joseph While female fashion audiences win at first sight, men will find their favorites just as easily. Paul Smith, Canali, Dsquared2 and Jacob Cohen models.

With current collections, open heraldi.hr an outlet category will also be available this will especially please the customers.

From this fall, the fashion game is more accessible, simpler, and funnier than ever because at the elegant and straightforward Herald for Men & Women online store you will easily create the perfect wardrobe for all seasons and combine new favorites in effective combinations for every occasion. To make our online shopping experience even better, Heraldi for Men & Women also created a simple registration. After signing up and entering the colors of the card, you don’t have to worry anymore because all your previous purchases in addition to the card number will be remembered in your UI.

Easy, fast and secure shopping with card payment

Online shopping always goes with the use of cards. As online shopping is the best and safest way to shop, cards are also the best and safest payment method. Heraldi for Men & Women found the perfect partner in their Mastercard® cards for which they prepared additional discounts and benefits for their users.

In addition to the free deliveries and refunds provided by Heraldi for Men & Women, Mastercard users will have a number of additional benefits. In the period from 1. to 10.10. Paying with Mastercard will give you 10% discount on all models and you will be able to benefit from similar advantages such as discounts or gifts on your shopping throughout the year.

Best Heraldry models for Men and Women for fall 2020.

Below we reveal our favorites in the Herald for Men & Women fall collection, discover the full offer of the new shopping spot here: heraldi.hrand you can follow all the news and innovations in social networks Heraldi Facebook stranici for Men and Women I Instagram profile.

Fall like the feminine Victoria Beckham

Modern minimalism in the style of Jil Sander

Strong and elegant in the Joseph style

Cute and romantic in REDValentino style




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