Going Braless? 14 Bra Alternatives to Avoid Attention

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Doesn’t it feel exhilarating to return home and bask in that ‘aha’ moment when you can finally free your boobs from the tight clasp of the bra! The level of discomfort further heightens during the summer months. The recent Covid-19 lockdown and growing work-from-home culture have helped ladies in taking a brisk break from wearing bras.

Apart from the obvious comfort part, going braless also helps in improving blood circulation, provides relief from asthma, regulates sleep patterns, diminishes chances of fungal infection, and prevents breast cysts and breast cancer.

If you wish to forego bras without compromising on the necessary support and shape offered by them, then scroll down for the best bra alternatives which can help solve the million-dollar question of how to go braless and not draw attention!

Ditch a Bra? 14 Things to You must Try

  • Tight Tank Top
  • Nipple Pasties
  • Nipple Covers
  • Bandeau
  • Boob Tape
  • Tank Tops with Built-in Bra
  • Bralettes
  • Camisoles
  • Bodysuits
  • Scarf Tops
  • Peasant Tops
  • Corset Tops
  • Bandage Tops
  • Double-Sided Fashion Tapes
  • 1. Tight Tank TopHalter, spaghetti strap, cute cropped tank top

    Thinking of what to wear instead of a bra? Let a super tight tank top come to your rescue. This can be paired up smoothly with your everyday wear for a sexy look while holding your breasts in place. However, this option is best suited for ladies having smaller bust measurements.

    2. Nipple Pasties

    Nipple Pasties in different shapes Buy Now

    Going braless in hot weather can seem like a lucrative proposition once you try out nipple pasties. These can save you from the embarrassment of nip-slip situations which are typical to extreme deep V-cut dresses and shirts. These are mostly made up of soft polyester and doesn’t cause any form of skin irritation. The adhesive of these lightweight nipple covers is both waterproof and hype-allergenic. You can wear them under sheer tops, swimwear, unpadded bras, and tight tees.

    3. Nipple CoversDecorative nipple stickers, best waterproof nipple covers for swimming

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    Nipple covers can serve as your newest best friend if pasties seem too thin. These adhesive beauties are crafted using skin-friendly silicone and are small enough to be carried in your handbag for an impromptu fashion fix.

    4. BandeauWireless bandeau bra, bandeau bralette online

    The bandeau is a potent braless outfit idea that can keep you comfortable when the mercury reaches scorching levels. They provide decent support and buffer our shoulders from feeling the brunt of the exuberant weight. In most cases, the bandeau serves as a seamless blend of spandex and nylon fabric which helps our skin breathe even when worn round the clock. Some of them are even accompanied by removable soft pads that provide incremental support while undertaking physical activities like hiking, swimming, or doing gym workouts.

    5. Boob TapeBreast lift,push up, skims body tape, how to tape large breasts for support with body tape

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    This can be a live-savior while sporting loose tops or deep V-necks. These adhesive strips of body tapes are made up of hypoallergenic material which is gentle on the skin. They can uplift breasts and pump up your confidence level be it weddings, office, pageants, proms, or everyday clothing.

    How to use boob tape, ways to wear boob tape

    6. Tank Tops with Built-in BraTank top with built-in sports, underwire loose bra for plus size

    Tank tops with built-in bra are an absolute rage amongst women in countries that don’t wear bras. They have fixed padding and are made of skin-friendly fabric. The low-key design of these tops can make you look beautiful and feel sanguine without adding any extra bulk. This variety can serve as your ideal lounging buddy especially if you wish to strike a unique concoction between style and comfort.

    7. BralettesBralette halter bra

    The bralettes are devoid of underwires or moulded cups. They can offer proper shape and support to the busts without adding to the discomfort meter. The bralettes usually offer full-coverage to prevent spillage from sides and top. Ladies who feel uncomfortable wearing backless dresses, fidget often with the visible bra straps, or face a predicament in wearing a padded bra can opt for the easy breezy bralettes.

    8. CamisolesCotton, lace, silk camisole bra

    Camisoles can be thought of as wearing a shirt under a shirt. This can keep your breasts cradled in a stretchy and comfortable fabric. The straps are also adjustable for adding to the level of relaxation. Various camisoles have a contoured fit that clings to our natural curves for making us look more alluring in whatever garment we sport.

    9. BodysuitLace bodysuit Shirt, white and black long sleeve bodysuit

    Bodysuits are a fashion staple of all millennial ladies crafted using expandable fabric which contours to your body shape. They even double-up as shapewear for camouflaging your problem areas while rendering a smooth finish to every look be it for office or the weekend party.

    10. Scarf TopsBandana strapless scarf top in silk, satin scarf top with straps

    Scarf tops were the biggest thing in teen fashion during the early 2000s. You can try out this nifty styling tool for beating the oppressive summer heat and freeing thy nipples concurrently.

    11. Peasant TopsBohemian white and navy peasant top

    Peasant tops are a summer staple that can keep you feeling all cool and breezy even without a bra on. They are mostly made of linen and combed cotton which can encompass your skin in plush comfort. The flowy texture of these tops is extremely popular in countries that don’t wear bras.

    12. Corset TopStrapless and straped corset top, lace corset tops with sleeves

    The killer corset tops can help you infuse some raw sex appeal into your wardrobe while rendering push-up support to your breast. It can serve you well if you wish to bid adieu to conventional undergarments while keeping your assets in place. The detachable straps accompanying the corset tops help in making adjustments for that seamless fit.

    13. Bandage TopsBuy long sleeve bandage top, online white tube, wrap bandage top

    Try bandage tops if you are wondering how to go braless and not draw attention. The figure-hugging cut and curve-enhancing fabric can pump up your confidence meter by pinching you in the right places. They can be worked into your everyday wardrobe and even styled for a night out with friends. The breathable fabric composition of the bandage tops feels like a second skin so that you feel complacent all times.

    14. Double-Sided Fashion Tapes

    Double sided tape for clothes, transparent fashion tape

    Keep your clothes in place with the ingenious invention – fashion tapes are made using weather-resistant and impervious material. They are ideal for hiding your cleavage and keeping it in place while sporting those barely-there outfits.

    4 Dressing Tip to follow No-Bra trend without noticing

    Now that you have gained a clear understanding of the various bra alternatives, you can easily rock any outfit with panache. You can also try some of the fashion tips listed below to style any no bra clothing line in an impalpable manner.

    1. Try Extra Layers

    Team up your regular outfits with chunky sweaters, jackets, and coats during winter months without having to worry a thing about wearing bras. Heavy busted ladies can wear turtlenecks under the sweater for refraining their assets from moving haywire.

    2. Use Scarves 

    Blanket scarves can literally cover up everything while keeping you comfy and warm during winter months. You can opt for a silk scarf during summertime for covering up your breast and going braless in the workplace.

    3. Choose Thick Fabrics

    Thick clothing can provide you with greater support and also impede your nipples from being conspicuous. If you are thinking of ditching the bra, then heavy-duty fabrics can always serve as a safer bet.

    4. Choose Miscellaneous Embellishments

    Laces, patterns, and embroidery are the ultimate BFF of braless outfit ideas. They tend to deflect attention away from your boobs so that you can put comfort in the forefront without worrying a thing.

    Top Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, and Kendal Jenner have often been seen traversing the risqué path by adorning red carpet events in no bra clothing line. The above-mentioned braless outfit ideas can also help you bid adieu to a lifetime of discomfort while basking in confidence along the way.




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