Frankie Shop tracksuit worn by trend setters

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Although we can’t guess that, 2020 is definitely the year of tracksuit. And clothing in general. The onset of the worldwide quarantine in March has suddenly moved us from workwear and stylish combinations to home creations, mostly to tights and tracksuits. As global measures descend over the summer (only now to be tightened again), the love of putting together the most common pieces like sweatpants in style certainly prevailed.

What the combination says is thoughtful tracksuitsMatched the top and bottom of the same set and therefore became very popular and was happily seen on the streets of the city – not just running or walking the dog. In this story, some brands that gave their fashion to such a common piece, defined and cut their lines were profiled. slouchy To stand well in all the right places without looking cool, messy the moment we seek.

Frankie Shop tracksuit

One of them is The Frankie Shop, a New York brand that has a branch in Paris and whose track suits are loved by trend setters. Lightly padded shoulders tightened with elastic around the ankles and ankles, and therefore perfectly oversized, the Vanessa tracksuit has become the uniform of many.

In addition to sweat suits, the brand also offers ingenious oversized suits, but this is another time. Take a look at Vanessa’s model in lineFrankie Shop delivers to Croatia.

Photo: Frankie Shop, Instagram