“Even the opinion of my clients who have deeply rooted negative judgments about their hair …

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“Hair Balm has been a product that changed the minds of even my customers who have deeply entrenched negative judgments about their hair! When we designed this product with its structure resembling a natural lip balm, we thought of those who said,” My hair does not shine no matter what I do. “It creates a nourishing, concentrated layer around your hair and Works with all its might to calm, strengthen, repair weakened areas.Apply especially to the ends prone to breakage that you see like a hopeless case. Hair Balm, which contains the most concentrated vitamin E concentrate you can find, will cause free radicals circulating in the hair as well as in the whole body. turn back the damage it brought It works to extinguish, so it’s a true anti-aging. ” Ahmet Çoban It is a herbal formula suitable for all hair types. Cosmos has Organic and Halal product certificates. An “intensive care” mask that helps to repair dry and damaged hair ends. It helps to repair the hair strands from the inside out and protect them against damage with Tiare Herb. Laurel nourishes hair with folic acid. Helps repair hair with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil. Helps hair growth with Ylang Ylang. Sunflower oil reduces the breakage of hair strands with its rich Omega 9 source. It supports the strengthening of weakened hair strands with vitamins A, B, C, E, calcium, iron and potassium. With vitamin E, which is an intense antioxidant, it fights against the damage caused by external factors such as environmental pollution and harmful sunlight.


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