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When we last stuck with the ENVy room, 2019 was slowly coming to an end, and at that time he had no idea how many degrees our life would turn (or even rotate) in the next few months.

We were still in a celebratory mood at the time, as the eNVy room was a magnificent fashion show and a major retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Crafts at the end of October. Celebrates an important 15-year presence on the Croatian fashion scene. Emotions were sincere and strong, and everything they achieved during this period is truly worth celebrating. Therefore, we had no doubt that the employees at eNVy would be able to adapt successfully to 2020 as well, putting many small and large businesses on their knees. In moments when there was almost no event, Nikica and Vjeko decided to organize their new fashion show in an innovative and virtual way. This Sunday, November 8, 8:00 pm you will be able to follow it We had a short chat with eNVyjevci on the occasion of this visual show, which presents Instagram, IG TV, Facebook and You Tube brands and their collections for cold days!

  • During these ‘special’ times you decided on something really special – a virtual show! How did this idea come to you?

We didn’t see them as a “special” time. Rather, we saw this situation as a challenge. We love magazines! This makes us very happy because the collection you have been working on for months comes to life right in front of your eyes! What was once on paper is now alive and in motion. On the other hand, we believe that a designer should continue to create creatively and express himself creatively. He had changed the conditions very little and had to be adjusted accordingly. In this context, the idea of ​​how to organize a fashion show came to our mind very quickly!

  • How did you see this virtual presentation of your new collection? Where does it take place, how many models are in question, it briefly takes us to the scenario?

Being aware of all the limitations, we organized the show within this framework. We knew from the very beginning that we could not have guests and that it would be quite risky right now epidemiologically. Instead of 30 models, we hired 5 models at our shows. In addition, the number of makeup artists and hairdressers decreased and the shots were intertwined with nature at Wedding Resort Corberon, thus we minimized all epidemiological risks. .

On the other hand, the biggest advantage of reviewing this way is that you are working in very controlled conditions. When performing a live show with guests, it is always possible for the model to be late on the runway, to get stuck, to break the shutter behind the scenes a minute before the exit and to never come out. In this case, we did not have such a problem and everything went completely different.

Classic fashion shows are really stressful and this time everything went in a more relaxed tone.

On the other hand, only the shots of the show allowed for repeated shots and different shooting angles, so we were able to capture details and faces, we had slow motion shots and drone shots, so the whole experience of watching the model on the track is much better and better than shooting. Classic magazines with the audience. Of course, we have achieved all this with our excellent and talented partners, Karla Jurić and Iva Trojanović.

  • How does it feel to organize a fashion show with no audience for the first time in your situation, including many of your ambassadors with whom you have a long-term cooperation?

The audience may not have been physically with us on the show, but they will definitely be able to enjoy the show in just a slightly different way. We did the show because of them! We were only able to record and publish the course book of the new collection, but why not present the collection in all its glory to our friends, colleagues, comrades and loyal ambassadors. They will definitely be with us at 20:00 on Sunday. If not physically safe anyway mentally.

  • How would you describe your new collection? Tell us what models you brought us, are the glamor and elegance still your guiding threads?

Always! We haven’t compromised the “new normal” situation and haven’t tried to offer something that the eNVY room doesn’t offer. Our product is for crucial moments in a woman’s life, and there are always such moments, regardless of the various limitations we face today. They still go on and the woman still wants to be beautiful and organized. Maybe the celebrations are on a smaller scale with fewer people but life still goes on.

The new collection still spreads our recognizable handwriting.

Each new collection is a kind of upgrade to the previous collection. We always add something new to the collection; details, cuts, material or design itself. Lace has long been a part of eNVy room DNA. This collection has a metallic sheen and flows from beautiful shades of green to a rich wine or copper color. Our already recognizable, open-back silk dresses this time come in medium length with asymmetrical cut, long sleeves, high neckline and accentuated shoulders reminiscent of the spirit of the eighties. The models reveal a little skin, and the emphasis is on the material itself that gently outlines the body, especially when moving. Very sensual and elegant. We haven’t forgotten the overalls in this collection either, so there is a silk made of satin shimmering lace and viscose and two that look like peace. The rhinestone is reserved at the very end of the collection. We designed evening dresses with high slits, accent shoulders, ruffles and pleated details.

There is also a very stylish sparkly suit, an oversized jacket and ankle-length cigarette pants in the color block variant. Although the collection is for the colder season, the floral print is highly represented. The color is autumn colors and the silk fabric itself has impregnated reptile skin. The collection strongly emphasizes the steering wheels as a powerful detail in various sizes, as well as decorative curves on both the upper and lower parts of the model. High slits in one leg when we show the skin. Despite being closed to the throat, the collection is extremely sensual and feminine. The style of the collection is a little bolder and worse. We used patent leather high gloves and boots and accentuated the waist with vintage eNVy room hangers that make a solid statement to the waist. The final impression we get is absolutely strong and at the same time extremely sensual and elegant!

  • Creating and doing business at the time of the pandemic – how much has it confused your calculations and gained new knowledge and development moments?

The crisis obviously affected us as well. This year there are far fewer major celebrations in the Republic of Croatia, and even if they do take place, their scope is significantly smaller. This of course resulted in less market demand for dresses and wedding dresses.

However, it is important that we react in a timely manner and we did. We reduced costs as much as necessary to compensate for the drop in income.

We believe life will return to normal and we do not want to deviate from our recognizable product. We just need to be patient and wait for the time to have fun, hug and kiss again in large groups.

Photo: Karla Jurić




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