ELFS fashion show held at the Croatian History Institute

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The fifteen-year creative cycle of Aleksandar Šekuljica and Ivan Tandarić was crowned last night at a truly special fashion show in the heart of Zagreb. The Croatian History Institute opened its doors to many guests, and ELFS became the star of the night – a brand that has always entertained, delighted and pushed the boundaries with its vision and business strategy, endless inspiration and creativity, and has made its mark on the Croatian fashion scene. Fashion for this designer duo is a way of life that they walk proudly, changing, breathing and developing with them, as seen in the latest collection for spring and summer. Chameleonwas presented at another successful showcase in independent production.

The podium and bronze reliefs of Frangeš, ceiling paintings by Tišovlje, and “royal” paintings by Bukovac and Medović are just some of the precious works of art that complement this celebratory fashion story with their aesthetics, along the magnificent Golden Hall and the Pompeian Room. A feminine and very elegant collection that exudes simplicity and elegance. ELFSI wants to highlight the spirit of a confident modern woman with distinctive faces and likes to play with fashion. Collect ChameleonAs the name implies, it gives more freedom and creativity through dressing, and a woman easily combines pieces of clothing, adapting them to various roles and thus expressing her individuality.

The spine is made up of dresses ranging from formal wear, which are much more conservative and muted colors, to more fun for special occasions. The ELFS girl doesn’t have a single face, she feels just as good in wavy and long dresses as she does with lace and romance, and this diversity spread throughout the collection will allow everyone to find their favorite piece. The guys haven’t given up on colors this time either – though you can see a wide range of colors and bold use of yellow, fuchsia, and light blue, the most dominant is powdered pink. In addition to modern checkered chic suits with two rows of buttons, simpler black, dark blue and red colors were also offered. Since the ELFSI leaves nothing to chance, there are goggles as well as a magical day and evening bags to complement any combination.

We are very happy Here, in this magnificent hall, we celebrate our anniversary with many of our friends and partners who have been with us from the very beginning. When we launched ELFS, we had one desire to work and enjoy what we love. We have never pushed ourselves too hard with great successes and what we need to achieve. Maybe this is the secret of everything behind us, all the wonderful moments, collaborations and collections that define life’s most special moments for many.“- Ivan Tandarić said and added:”Thank you for the numerous congratulations to those who, unfortunately, could not be with us on this occasion. We were particularly pleased with Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, who surprised us with a huge bouquet of flowers just before the start. This is another proof of our work and the validity of our brand in the domestic market.. ”

Vanja halilović

Ante Vrban

Antonija Stupar Jurkin

The birthday show was also sponsored by the Croatian National Tourist Board, and Kristjan Staničić, director of the Croatian Tourist Board, who accompanied his wife Barbara, followed the show from the front row. After producing unique uniforms for informants last year, CNTB continues to combine fashion and tourism and a successful collaboration with a well-known fashion brand this tourist year. The specially produced uniforms attract the attention of the audience and partners at all major tourist fairs and fairs, from London to Berlin, from Milan to Moscow to Dubai, where the Croatian tourist offer is presented. By continuing the cooperation, the aim is to continue to support and promote the best Croatia has and has to offer worldwide.

Marijuana Batinić

Tatjana Jurić

Ivana Mišerić

Andrea Andrassy

The fashion show was also liked by Tourism Minister Marinka Akrap, Petar Grašo, Gari Cappelli, who came to the show to celebrate Vegeta’s 60th anniversary as she would join the regional campaign, followed by Indira Levak, Tatjana Jurić, Barbara Nola, Ana Begić Tahiri, Nikolina Pišek, Tihana Harapin Zalepugin, Danijela Gračan, Doris Pinčić Rogoznica, Marijana Batinić, Lelja Filipović, designers Boudoir, Domenica Žuvela, Mia Dimšić, Ivana Šundov, Borna Kotromanić, Mirjana Mikulec, Andrea Andrassy, ​​Lidija Nicuh, Dela Petko, Tomislav Petranović, Ivana Nicuh Ivana Mišerić, Andrea Ivančević, Ecija Ivušić, Larisa Lipovac, Ines Preindl, Antonija Stupar Jurkin, Ante Vrban, Korina Karlovčan and many other friends and partners of one of the most successful Croatian fashion brands. The celebration continued with Croatian DJ Mike & Me performance at ELFS & bubble bar.

Ines Preindl

Petar Grašo

Ana Begic Tahiri

Marinka Akrap

Lejla filipović

Ivan Tandarić and Aleksandar Šekuljica

Tihana Harapin Zalepugin

Doris Pinčić

Part of the collection is available at ELFS stores in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Mostar and Frankfurt and also Online storeand the rest will come in the coming days. More information about the ELFS fashion brand can be found officially. Web site, Facebook to Instagram profile.

Photo: John Pavlish, Niko Goga, Sasa Zinaja, Mirko Jankovic




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