Different Types of Keychain Designs To Buy Online

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People have been using keychains for over a century to organize their vehicles, homes, and offices. However, modern-day designers are incorporating useful tools in the form of flashlights, charging cables, bottle openers, wallets, etc. into the keychains for ushering in greater functionality. Apart from helping you in keeping things organized, the keychains can also add a whole new dimension to your personality courtesy of their innovative designs and quirky patterns.

Why Keychains are in Trend?

  • Keychains are rampantly used by advertising houses for printing the credentials of business houses. They also help in drawing more attention towards a brand during promotional events and trade shows.
  • The keychain collection is a popular hobby and the collectors boast of unique keychains each with a separate story behind its acquisition.
  • You can easily gift a keychain to friends and family as a graduation gift or even a housewarming present.
  • Keychains can serve as an affordable wedding favor that can also remind your guests of your special day.
  • You will easily find keychains at gift shops wherein they serve as mementos of visits to museums and theme parks or vacations.

Different Types of Keychain Designs

The sky is the limit when it comes to keychain designs. You can easily choose a keychain that blends in with your personality from our rich collection at TopOfStyle. Whether you wish to carry along a miniature model of your favorite superhero, some popular quotes, or your parent’s picture, you can get it all under one roof with us. Let’s now take a look at some common varieties of keychains:

1. Flashlights/Torch keychain

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You can think of the flashlights keychain to be a compact LED torch which carries your keys around and comes to your rescue during emergencies.

2. Magnifier keychain

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Enjoy a better view with the magnifier keychains which can guarantee precise performance at all times.

3. Mobile screen cleaner keychain

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Maximize your functionality with these utilitarian keychains with come with a retractable mobile screen cleaner.

4. Tape Measures

These keychains come with an accurate measuring tape which can help people working with furniture and even fabrics.

5. Puzzles

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Bid adieu to boredom with these keychains which are usually accompanied by a Rubik’s cube or similar puzzles.

6. Bottle Openers

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The stainless-steel keychains with a bottle opener trinket can get the party started as you have a jolly good time with your favorite drinks.

7. Stress Balls

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Relieve stress and muscle tension with these ingenious stress ball keychains that can do an excellent job of stimulating your nerves and diverting your attention.

8. Laser Pointers

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Keep your pets entertained with the laser pointer keychains which can also serve as an excellent navigation tool while traveling and also during office presentations.

9. Whistles

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Make yourself heard during emergency situations with the whistle keychain which is used during outdoor excursions and sports.

10. Multi-tool Kit Keychain/Utility Keychains

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If you are a fan of DIY fixes, then you need a utility keychain in your arsenal which is accompanied by built-in tools ranging from a stepped hex wrench to a pry bar.

11. Flash Drives

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Carry all your important files around in these functional keychains which come with a USB drive for being used in your computers and smartphones.

12. Hygiene/Wellness

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Covid 19 introduced us to the Hygiene Hand which features a loop for functioning as a slip-on finger as you use it to hook onto round handles.

13. Heart Shape Keychain

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Display your precious moments or favorite quotes with the heart shape keychains which serve as a hot gift item during valentine’s season.

14. House Shape Keychain

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These keychains serve as a major give-away in the real estate sector and are shaped to look like a house.

15. Blank Keychains

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DIY’ers adore the blank keychains which come with a clear design in a variety of patterns for ample customization possibilities.

16. Dog tags

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Keep your ‘pawsome’ friend close by with these beautiful dog tag keychains which might contain the name or even a picture of your pet.

17. Carabiner

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The USP of this variety of keychain lies in its multi-functional D-ring clip which makes it ideal for being used at your hiking or fishing episodes.

18. Beaded keychains

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Portray your bohemian side with the beaded keychains which can add a dash of color to your everyday style with wooden and even plastic inserts.

19. Luggage Tags

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Impart a unique identity to your luggage with these specialized keychains which come in durable quality for being fastened easily around your bags and trolleys.

20. Pet Name Tags

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Just as the name suggests, these keychains feature the name of your four-legged best friends embossed or printed across the tag.

21. Snake Keychain

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This sought-after design features a deadly viper and is usually crafted in sterling silver. The realistic scales of the snake are ideal for people with a mysterious yet alluring personality.

Types of Keychain Clasps/Hooks/Closures

1. Split-Ring Keychain

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Pair up the versatile split-ring keychain with button rings of any size. A Split-ring is used along with a slot or tab back by button keychains of size 1-3/4”, 2-1/4″, 2-1/2″, 3″ and 3-1/2.”

2. Mini Split-Ring Keychain

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These are smaller versions of split-ring keychains which are mostly used with mini button sizes of a plastic tab or jump ring.

3. Zipper Pull

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The Zipper pull, as the name indicates is meant for being worn on a zipper but can also be used as a keychain with 1″, 1-1/4″ or 1-1/2″ button.

4. Loop Keychain

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If you are searching for a fancy yet practical style, then you can opt for the loop keychain which can be used with a jump ring or versa back.

5. Pull-Apart Keychain

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You can remove the part attached to the keys with a single click from the rest of the keychain making the pull-apart variety a unique option.

6. Snap Hook Keychain

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A hinged snap hook closes this keychain which is used with a versa back.

7. Lobster clasp keychains

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You can open and close these durable keychains which are most commonly seen in cars by holding a small lever with a fingernail.

8. Oval hook keychains

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Oval hook keychains are perfect for your crafting needs, holding keys, and DIY projects. These beautiful and convenient keychains are made up of metal like alloy, steel, iron, and more.

9. C-hook keychains

Add a little spice to your key rings, jewelry, backpack clips, bags strap, luggage tags, and more by using C hook keychains. C-hook keychains are available in various color options such as gold, silver, bronze, and black.

 Different Keychain Materials  

 Keychains come in versatile material compositions. While metal generally constitutes its ring and chain, the accompanying trinkets are made of the following:

  • Plush, cotton, leather, or fleece are some popular fabric options that can guarantee you top-notch comfort and flexibility. You can have it custom-made from your loved one’s clothing as a treasured possession. The leather variants are a hot favorite of children as they come in attractive shapes of a teddy bear, elephant, and even their favorite cartoon hero.
  • Hard plastic can be a durable keychain option that is best suited for three-dimensional shapes with real dried flowers and clear resin. The hard plastic keychains come in both sophisticated designs for formal settings and expressive ones for personal use. The durable build of the hard plastic keychains adds to their longevity even when you use them on a regular basis.
  • The easy-to-shape soft plastic is popular amongst key tags and can be used on a variety of occasions. Their flexible rubber-like texture can serve as an excellent tag for your personal stuff.
  • Rubber keychains are adored for their sheer flexibility which makes them a long-lasting option. You can choose amongst a variety of rubber keychains having waterproof attributes in dual-sided designs. Its appearance is similar to that of soft plastic though it is comparatively smoother.
  • Add a dash of personalized bling to your keychain bundle with uniquely shaped crystals which include even layers of crystal with your favorite picture caught in between, teardrops of colored glass, and cut crystals with shapes imprinted on the flat side.
  • Neoprene is a wear-resistant material that can offer keychains with a unique blend of style and functionality. These cushioned keychain trinkets feel easy against the skin and also adds to your efficiency.
  • Keep things classy with a metal keychain which ranks highest in the durability meter even on the face of regular wear and tear.
  • Glass remains to be one of the most visually appealing options when it comes to keychains. However, they are not very durable and are thus a strict no-no for clumsy users.
  • The growth of the handicraft industry has added an impetus to the popularity of wooden keychains which are usually manufactured by various eco-friendly organizations from leftover scraps. These wooden keychains might come in plain designs or engraved varieties as signs of intricate craftsmanship.

Keychains have evolved into stylish and effective accessories over time. Whatever be your personal style preference, you can match it up with a keychain from our expert-curated collection at TopOfStyle.




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