Different Types of Face Mask Design You Love to Buy Online

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differnt types of face mask designFashionable face masks covered with the best features for the ultimate safety

In a matter of months, wearing a face mask in public has become the standard operating procedure for millions of people in the USA. Multiple coveted brands previously focused on jeans, glamorous silhouettes, and baby clothes have now launched different face masks to counter the impending covid-19 virus’s spread.

We have rounded up such fashionable face coverings with exceptional features to shield you from this virus efficiently.

26 Different Types of Face Mask for Men and Women

  • Knitted Mask
  • Face Mask With a Clear Window
  • Embroidered Face Mask
  • Face Masks With Ear Muffs
  • Transparent Durable Reusable Washable Shield
  • Mask with Drinkable Hole
  • Face Shield with Wire Nose Bridge
  • Funny Print Face Mask
  • Fashion Face Mask
  • Anti-pollution Face Mask
  • Reusable Washable Gym Mask
  • Bandana
  • Braided Face Mask
  • Scarf Mask
  • Face Mask with Bow
  • Mask with Matching Headband
  • Face Mask with Ears
  • Ribbon Face Mask
  • Bridal Silk Face Mask
  • Faux Fur Face Mask
  • Chainmail Face Mask
  • Leather Face Mask
  • Handmade Pleated Cotton Face Mask
  • Respolab Mask with H13 HEPA Filter
  • Ruffled Face Mask
  • Respirators – Disposable Face Mask
  • Respirators – Non-disposable/Reusable
  • 1. Knitted Mask

    knitted face mask, winter face masksThese cute stitched masks are breathable and reusable. This time wool comes to your rescue while making you gorgeous at the same time. The best part is these environment-friendly, hand-washable pieces are combined with lining to give you that extra layer of protection.

    2. Face Mask With a Clear Window

    transparent washable face mask amazonBuy Now
    Have you fogged up once again? Don’t worry! This clear panel solution or the fully transparent face cover proffers you the perfect solution. Now you can easily lip-read. Say no to fogging up, sound block, and light reflection. So, all the cool spec wearers out there update your style game with these transparent delights.

    3. Embroidered Face Mask

    embroidered face mask patternThese fun and fashionable masks are truly festive style staples, especially for all the rave gang out there. It’s pretty printable patterns are usually made from breathable fabrics. But the cute shimmery glitters add a splash of color and offers a great amount of protection. Its super colorful signature print suits your mood.

    4. Face Masks With Ear Muffs

    face mask with ear protectionBuy Now
    One product with dual protection! Wearing masks has become increasingly challenging for people with hearing aid. Communication challenges with lip-reading cues and muffle sound cannot be snubbed anymore. Thankfully designers deciphered and fabricated face masks with your earmuffs that solve this snag beautifully. Even doctors recommend it.

    5. Transparent Durable Reusable Washable Shield

    face shield with glasses frame amazonBuy Now
    These transparent stunners are usually crafted from plastic. You can still cover up to two-thirds of your face bottom but effectively curb the spread of covid-19 mounts. Save your hard-earned money and flaunt your style by wearing these striking, enduring, and washable Anti-fog shields.

    6. Mask with Drinkable Hole

    face mask with drinking holeBuy Now
    Face mask designers came with a newfangled idea to subdue the biggest impediment of eating or drinking. These printable stunners come with a straw hole but offer full coverage to shield users against covid-19 while let them enjoy their favorite drink.

    7. Face Shield with Wire Nose Bridge

    unique patterned transparent face mask These elegant pieces come with an efficient nose bridge combined with integrated wire to hold the mask in its perfect place comfortably. While wearing this bonny fabric face covering, you can breathe properly and share your beautiful smile with the world once again.

    8. Funny Print Face Mask

    funny face custom mouth face maskDuring this crazy time, we cannot think of loitering around without a mask. But making children concede this situation has become a herculean task. Don’t worry! Funny print face masks sometimes adorned with bold prints or sequins make your job easier. Your little one will surely get impressed by these funny and cute safety products.

    9. Fashion Face Mask

    designer face mask for woman, matching mask with outfitBuy Now
    It’s a steal. Beautiful Rhinestone designs on these face coverings take its look to the next level. If you have to attend a wedding party during this pandemic, prioritize your safety with fashion by picking a sequin one and steal the spotlight swiftly.

    10. Anti-pollution Face Mask

    ani-pollution face maskBuy Now
    This affordable protection shield can filter out 95% of airborne particles. Urban cyclists for bikers who want to stay safe from coronavirus and filter out hazardous air pollutants can utilize this stupendous safety gazette.

    11. Reusable Washable Gym Mask

    reusable face mask, amazon face maskBuy Now
    This unisex reusable and washable gym mask comes with five layers of filter breathing valve that offers you the ultimate breathing comfort. Its metal nose bridge doesn’t allow it to move while its loop closer and adjustable hook makes it perfect succor for every size.

    12. Bandana

    Buy Now
    These stretchy and sumptuous premium quality face masks are the ultimate companion for your outdoor activities. These beauties are breathable, stretchable, and skin-friendly. It’s quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and UV resistant performance makes it the top pick for all the fervent health admirers out there.

    13. Braided Face Mask

    diy printable face mask pattern Hanging your mask off your ears looks weird. Still, we do the same or dig in our purse when we are not using it. The braided face mask’s soft faux lanyards will never make you lose your face shield again while giving you a soft touch with ultimate snugness.

    14. Scarf Mask

    printed face scarf mask covid Buy Now
    This multi-purpose imposing scarf face mask pattern is the ultimate choice for today’s fashionistas. These are soft and breathable amazeballs and usually made from high-quality fabric, while its adjustable ear loop and button closure option make it a smashing choice for all.

    15. Face Mask with Bow

    face mask with matching bow tieBuy Now
    Here is another stellar product that adds a bit of fun to your outfit. It’s bendable nosepiece rescue you from fog glasses while its adjustable elastic earloops offer your desired length. But the center stage is always grabbed by its firmly sewn cotton bow. Enjoy its exceptional coverage and flattering look.

    16. Mask with Matching Headband

    cloth face mask with matching headbandHere is another smart and washable mask that protects you from dust pollution and perfect for public transport. Millennials go Gaga over this premium quality breathable material as it comes with matching headbands. Pick your favorite one to become a traditional street stunner.

    17. Face Mask with Ears

    face mask with adjustable earsThese sparkly beauties are perfect for combating cold. These reusable and sustainable adult masks have earmuffs with flexible straps to make you feel comfortable. Its marvelous face-covering design is ideal for indefatigable outdoor workers.

    18. Ribbon Face Mask

    ribbon face mask diyThese are super cute girly materials. While giving you the best protection from covid-19, these breathable and comfortable pieces can be worn with a cute ribbon that you can tie over your bun or ponytail and impress the onlookers with your Girl-Next-Door look.

    19. Bridal Silk Face Mask

    bride & groom face mask for wedding amazonThis luxurious silk glamour is buttery soft and comes with three-layer protection. These are lined with brushed cotton for safety and breathability. You can feel that extra softness on your sensitive skin while its adjustable strap makes it a classic selection for bridesmaids.

    20. Faux Fur Face Mask

    washable/reusable faux fur unisex winter face mask Faux Fur Face Masks are ideal for flaunting your beauty in winter. The comfy, breathable cotton and fabric comes with three layers of protection while its adjustable earloop perfectly fits around your neck and head. It would be the cure for the traditional face masks.

    21. Chainmail Face Mask

    designer face mask, chainmail face mask femaleThese are similar to knitted face masks. Its exclusive artworks never fail to impress you, while its super stretchy double knit and bountiful options of sizes let you pick the best one according to your face shape. It will remind you of steampunk fashion.

    22. Leather Face Mask

    leather face mask covid, designer leather face maskLeather Ninja masks are designed to give you long-wear comfort. While its clever side panels always enhance breathability, its top grade leather and non woven fabric give your high-quality finish. If you are a biker by heart, you don’t want to take it off.

    23. Handmade Pleated Cotton Face Mask

    anti dust reusable/washable cotton face maskBuy Now
    These handmade pleated face coverings are available in a variety of attractive designs. These are always up for machine washing and come with an air-dry facility. If you want to enjoy its softness, give it a quick iron and keep its pleats looking fresh.

    24. Respolab-Mask-with H13 HEPA Filter

    respolab mask amazon, respolab mask with h13 hepa filterBuy Now
    If you are hunting for the maximum protection, you can always choose a HEPA high-efficiency air filter that wraps 99% of 0.3-micron particles. But keep in mind that it can reduce its filtration efficiency if you wash it again and again. So try to buy these pocket-friendly products in bulk.

    25. Ruffled Face Mask

    floral pink ruffled frill face mask It’s lightweight and soft, breathable cotton and delicate ruffle detail make it a coveted piece. The elastic is also connected with comfortable cotton fabric. A simple hand washing is enough to make you ready to use it once again.

    Now let’s take a look at the respirators that can be both disposable and non-disposable.

    26. Respirators Disposable Face Mask

    Respirator disposable face mask has a total of 3 different variants.

  • Valved N95
  • N95 Without Valve
  • Surgical Mask
  • 1. Valved N95
    reusable n95 mask on amazon, n95 mask with breathing valveBuy Now
    These masks have a respiratory valve or a coin size disc on the center or the side that helps you breathe by preventing the humidity inside.

    2. N95 Without Valve
    face covering mask, face mask with inner filterBuy Now
    Its cup-shaped design is perfect for doctors, surgeons, and other frontline workers. These are comfortable, smooth, and let you breathe by eliminating heat. It can filter 0.6 microns particles.

    3. Surgical Mask
    disposable face mask black, medical surgical maskBuy Now
    This ultimate face-covering combats airborne germs and respiratory infection while preventing the spreading of the virus.

    27. Respirators Non-disposable/Reusable

    There are two types of respirators which are:

  • Half Face Respirators
  • Full Face Respirators
  • 1. Half Face Respirators
    half face respirators 3mBuy Now
    These classic reusable masks are grilled with breathing holes. It’s a wonderful material, and sophisticated men usually love stellar looks.

    2. Full Face Respirators
    full face reusable respiratorBuy Now
    Full Face Respirators create a protective shield around your face while makes you breathe comfortably. You will forget your hazardous communication experience while wearing a vexatious mask.

    While the key selling points of a face mask are its elegance and look, we suggest you focus on the features. Embedded nanofiber filter, comfortable fit, reusable and washable quality, earloop, and locking toggles make a face covering the desired choice. It seems baffling but doesn’t think of jeopardizing your safety while concentrating on the look.


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