Designer Anamarija Brkić talks with muse Iva Radić

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I am always looking forward to autumn when it comes to fashion. The reason is definitely the fantastic warm tones that break me in every way, the materials I’m looking forward to being my creation, the layered combinations with a special dose of femininity, grace and sophistication and lots of A’marie women wearing sparkling autumn collections for years …

So the main source of inspiration for the new Winter garden – Winter Garden collection just became a woman, modern fatal woman In his fairytale winter garden, I imagine the sun soaking the autumn rays and enjoying all the fragrances and colors that the cold season brings. While the focus of the collection was to return to feminine power, power and charisma, I also decided to show simplicity in dressing. The main star of our new collection is the ultimate A’marie woman – Iva Radić, who brilliantly wears the leading pieces of the season. Stylized with autumn romance and a Parisian touch Chicanew creations require creative layered combinations where every woman is noticed and has her own. Considering that Iva has brilliantly embodied A’marie over the years, she is a woman wearing stunning day and evening creations created with great confidence to take the lead in every field. style I decided to talk to her about career, fashion and style and we touched on some little things that I’m sure will be very interesting for you.

Interview with Iva Radić

A’marie conversation with Iva Radić

When you look What were your impressions when you started it today? Have you accomplished everything you imagined?

It’s 5 years behind and I never dreamed of such a success when I founded it. A number of different situations put me in a position to start something on my own, and today I can say that I didn’t start the realization of the portal at that time, I probably would never have done that. We all know that there is no big thing in the comfort zone, but when you step away from it you can work wonders. I love this job, I get along well, I know its material and I am also a very social presence, one of the important segments for a successful business. Also, I have a team of amazing people who have only been upgraded in these few years, so today I can proudly say that today I own a portal with an enormous readership and eleven employees, I have one of the most read portals in the country.

Interview with Iva Radić

What was the biggest challenge of your career and how did you overcome it?

I am definitely opening a standalone portal because I was new to everything. I had experience in the media, but it was not easy to start from scratch after doing this in partnership recently, but it was very challenging. I think the key to success is what we do step by stepWe all know that great things happen not overnight, but with a lot of effort and sacrifice. Actually everything was challenging, but since everything is so difficult today, I can proudly say that I am very happy with how I dealt with everything.

What part of the job makes you most satisfied and happy? What are you most proud of?

Team work. I love when we were at some successes together, when I saw pride and self-confidence in my girls because of a great project.

Interview with Iva Radić

Which feature do you think is the key to your success?

I think my greatest feature / virtue is that I am not afraid to learn. I didn’t get into this business as a know-it-all person, but I learned everything on the go. There is also a social moment that I think is key to this kind of work.

What would you like someone to invent to make your life easier?

I must admit that I’ve been thinking about this often. Maybe it’s me Siri it gets better than the phone so it can help me with everything I forget. Most of the time I don’t know where I put the car keys, where are these basic papers that I “keep” in the safest place in the house… There it helps me a lot. I would love to be able to clone myself too so that one Iva does her job on endless days and the other becomes a mother and housewife. 🙂

What would you suggest to women about fashion and style? What are you guiding?

We are all very unique, different and special, so I don’t want to give fashion advice because I want all of us to stay as we are above all else. The most important thing in the whole story is our attitude towards fashion. I think we should treat her very casually and just enjoy our fashion style.

Interview with Iva Radić

When did the love between you and my brand happen?

It happened a long time ago and still continues. I remember well the first piece in my closet. It’s a sensational leather corset that I wore with a plain white t-shirt at a Story party. I fell in love with your aesthetics and everything you do here …

You had the opportunity to be among the first to see our new collection for the fall / winter 2020/21 season… What are your impressions?

This collection is totally special and maybe that’s why I felt so good in it. The wonderful tones, the colors of the autumn, the perfect materials and cuts fascinated me. I was just excited! I found myself in every creation!

If you had to choose just one piece, which one would it be and why? How do you format it?

Without thinking too much Jet I Flounder pants in all colors. The combinations are countless because they work perfectly in both daytime and evening cases. I should mention with them and Rome the raincoat I fell in love with at first.

Which track do you guess will be the most hit?

Black Shay The dress is the autumn version of my favorite white dress that I got a lot of fantastic comments this summer. If you are looking Declaration It is a dress that you will wear for years and always feel great without thinking about investing in the Shay model.

Interview with Iva Radić

What is your favorite…

… A way to entertain customers or colleagues?

Definitely our Journal parties that we organize twice a year. We do them with great love and passion for all of our customers, partners, partners and friends, and I know that everyone always has a lot of fun with them.

… Form of exercise?

I don’t exercise but I promised myself I would get started. But if we can call it walking exercise, we have found my exercise form. I have my own ritual that I practice at least twice a week – in the Maksimir forest, I make a big circle around all the lakes. My little brain reset.

… The way to relax?

The moment I’m alone I love my silence, my hot coffee, and the few lines of my favorite book that always carry a good message.

… How can you socialize with your children?

On our weekends, every weekend someone chooses a menu to cook. Cooking, preparing, making music, retelling adventures, traveling together, various excursions, vacations, going to Maksimir … Actually all the little things the mother knew was always with them.

… Beauty product or treatment?

My 15 minutes left for the evening with all the ingenious Biologique Recherche products. Girls with Biologique Recherche have combined the perfect products that I adhere to my skin and age. They are my number one ally.

… A miracle piece in the closet?

Do you really think I can choose only one? I have many, many of them! But what I can say is that they are in circulation over and over again every year because they are so timeless, good quality and always great.

Interview with Iva Radić

… Is it a restaurant?

As for countless family memories, I must mention Okrugljak. My whole life has an assessment. I come, sit down, and each table reminds me of some good memories. Along with him, I love the expressions of Mano, Vinodol, Korčula, Dubravkin… These are the places I visit most when I want a good ambiance and delicious food.

… Cafe?

The cafe where I will connect with my kids and many special occasions is my local, neighborhood café opposite Maksimir in Bukovačka. This is Park Cafe, a place where I feel at home. In addition, there are of course Ljupkin Jolie Petite Patisserie and Magnolia desserts and Little Cafe in the city center.

… Desert?

I’m not a big fan of desserts, but if this category includes Housewives and Plasma Biscuits, we can say these are my favorite desserts.

… The city you are always happy to come back to?

Paris. He always wins. That city lights, that beauty, everything! And if we think that my daughter started studying there, I will now return to her even more often.

… A service you can’t live without?

The first is definitely my serving of coffee and a cup of morning coffee. I can’t live without it. Apart from the morning coffee drinking ritual, my life is unthinkable without WhatApp, the grandmother of the service and all the reliable people who helped me to help the children and of course Aunt Lilja who helped me at home and with housework.

Interview with Iva Radić

I hope you enjoyed our little chat and you are in the new Jardin d’hiver – Winter Garden collection, created with great love and attention for all. inspiring A’marie women, find your new favorites for the cold season…

Enjoy the wonderful autumn and our magical creations! <3



Text: Anamarija Brkić




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