Deichmann shoes and bags chosen by influencers for fall 2020.

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Fashion trends have not disappeared this year as it is unpredictable and full of surprises. The style combinations, heralding an exciting fashion season, can still be seen on the streets of the city. Instagram has become a fashion bible. What appears in the photos of fashion bloggers becomes an instant trend that everyone wants to have. Remember fishnet stockings, ripped and cropped jeans, oversized sweaters and T-shirts, knee-high boots, bulky sneakers and many other trends?

But what awaits us this fall? We chose 3 should have It’s a trend you’ll love to wear this season.

Jump on the big boots

A famous saying: The bigger the better. Prepare selfie cameras because they were worn this fall bulky low boots Like in Deichmann. They are irresistibly Instagram, they’re comfortable and can also serve as a protective tool. It will protect you from all the enemies of the weather. Influencers recommend this season: combine boots with voluminous ribbed soles with fluttery dresses. All you have to do is choose a style. Motorcycle, military or urban style – which one is yours?

Equip yourself with examples

Why would fall fashion be boring when there are different patterns that can highlight your style? From the popular pepita pattern, animal print, to the dotted cubes and checkered pattern. This year the fashion game will be very exciting. No matter which style you master the best, any of these models everydayclassic, or ultra stylish. Influencers recommend: for a dose of femininity, choose skirts and dresses with wavy and stunning white Deichmann boots province everyday black Deichmann ankle boots.

Embrace the texture

Last season we saw coats made of faux fur, plush or imitation wool in the fashion combinations of celebrities, influencers and all fashion-conscious fans. But we will continue this trend this fall bag. While they won’t keep you warm, these Deichmann bags are a great fashion accessory that won’t go unnoticed. The textures adorning them look luxurious and will definitely suit anyone’s style. Influencers suggest: carry plush bags with oversized sweaters.

Prepare and practice the lighting selfie pose – it’s time for an exciting fashion season.

Photo: Deichmann


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