Comfortable Mephisto shoes for the fall 2020 weekend wear.

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Mephisto shoes in the fall of 2020.

If something has changed for the better in the “new normal”, this is one way to use free time. We go to nature more and more and spend quality time in the company of our dear people.

Priorities in clothing and shoes have also changed slightly. For example, instead of high heels, we are now looking for shoes that can be used for a casual outing, a birthday party, a favorite pastry shop or a long walk in nature. In the most comfortable shoes in the world, we are visually irresistible and yet we make suggestions to stay unbridled.

Mephisto shoes fall 2020.

Graziela – ideal for a comfortable trip

There are still handmade shoes in the sea of ​​ready-made models. One of them is Graziela, Ankle boots in natural colors with heels made of natural brushed leather. At the same time, it will merge with autumn leaves but still stand out for its irresistible simplicity. Flexible, permanently elastic and extremely soft midsole SOFT AIRIt is also worn on these shoes to minimize the impact of walking and to protect the feet, ankles and spine. In short, you are ready for an evening drink with them that can continue with a long walk in Maksimir. Isn’t it romantic?

Mephisto shoes fall 2020.
Graziela ankle boots

Rome – Wow

Comfort sneakersand more than that, shrouded here in a design that is impossible to resist. The technologies that minimize the pressure on our back and make us almost float in the air are complemented by a beautiful animal print in a cult black and white combination. These sneakers are ideal for combining with monochromatic combinations that lift, as well as dresses that lead to a seductive look. Novels are ready for anything – Saturday rush hour, a long hike or an irresistible, seductive evening look.

Mephisto shoes fall 2020.
Roman sneakers

Zelda – soft beauty

Zelda it is so comfortable and soft that you will want to sleep in it. You don’t have to give up your stylized walks even when temperatures drop. In addition to all Mephisto technologies that protect your health and care about your comfort, Zelda also has a replaceable attachment so it adapts to you. The inside of the shoe is incredibly soft inside. The popular winter warm colors and combination of leather and fur make them irresistible and won’t let you go unnoticed in dry and rainy weather.

Mephisto shoes in the fall of 2020.
Zelda ankle boots

Bradley – because two is nicer

Simple, ultra-comfortable men’s Mephisto shoes are perfect for your other half. It will complete your walk and allow you to move easily and celebrate the life of two.

Mephisto offers more than 600 models of handmade shoes of the highest quality every season. There are 160 to 220 steps in the production of each pair of shoes to #hodpooblacima your walk.

Mephisto shoes fall 2020.
Bradley sneakers

You can view the entire Mephisto collection in Zagreb, Rijeka and Split or at:




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