Comfortable dresses for a relaxed weekend at home, for coffee and cool days

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A word that best describes the fashion autumn that came to us, and this word – Comfortable!! Delightful, warm, comfortable for the cold season, precisely such pieces, perfectly adapted to the spirit of the season with their new offerings, have also begun to launch fashion houses famous for the current situation around the coronavirus and the fact that many of them stay at home and work from home. replace classic trips with ‘home to home’ gatherings this fall.

Mango signature casual dresses

Cozy is also the latest collection of Mango dresses that have filled this famous street brand’s web shop offer in recent weeks. The new Mango dresses were created for casual weekends at home, drinking coffee with friends, and generally for colder days. In a neutral palette ranging from creamy white and beige to olive to gray, this dress selection makes one model look better than another, so we have no doubt that the models below will be bestsellers this season too!

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