Clubhouse Golf – A new wedding venue that could be a hit in 2021.

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2021 is predicted to be the wedding year

The year 2020 has disrupted the plans of many future newlyweds. Maybe you’re among them, maybe you changed your plans, or you should have been a guest at a wedding that was postponed to next year. Either way, as now, 2021 will be a “wedding year”.

We also looked at what we heard from those planning their wedding – all popular destinations will be filled during next year. In fact, many of the most popular are already occupied by 2022.

New location for weddings in Zagreb

Therefore, it is even more interesting to hear that a new Zagreb location will open soon, and many predict that it will soon become a real hit among newlyweds. A well-known field, but now in a completely new guise and in a completely new organization Club House Golf. The green paradise of the golf course in Zagreb gets a completely new concept of wedding party. This oasis close to the city center, hitherto known as a luxury golf resort, will become, as we were told, a center for “always special weddings”.

Luxury becomes more affordable

An experienced team led by Saša Majetić, owner of a renowned catering company and one of the most famous wedding resorts, will offer a more affordable luxury wedding concept. “We want our capital to win a place for luxurious weddings on the same level with other world metropolises. Of course we do all this on our own terms and will offer a more affordable package that does not deviate from the average of other well-known wedding venues. “

And indeed, we can’t help but get the impression that the view of the golf courses alone creates a special luxury ambiance. The view from the huge terrace to the lakes and central golf courses is magnificent and we are sure it will be the most photographed place at any wedding.

Pay attention to the details for a special wedding

The interior of the wedding venue is still in its infancy, but Majetić only gave us a simulation of the design of the venue, which, you will agree, leaves you breathless. The space is located on the first floor of the main clubhouse and is a true designer masterpiece. Everything radiates elegance and graceful splendor, and we really can’t wait for the next wedding invitation in this new space.

“We not only rely on a truly impressive location, we also want to offer luxury and the best service in every segment. To complete the personalization and organization of every detail, starting with the interior design, gastronomic offer and on-site meals. We want our newlyweds to relax completely because we take care of her, Club House Golf It will be really special, ”said Majetic.

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