CCC has all the fashion boots for the fall / winter 2020/2021 season.

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CCC collection for fall / winter 2020/2021

In addition to all the world events that marked this year, she continued her fashion journey and trend setters set the trends of the new season. Judging by the most influential in the fashion world, this season will be marked by three equally strong currents, and it’s up to you to choose the winter fashion route.

CCC collection fall / winter 2020/2021

Well, let’s go through the styles that we admire and watch this fall and winter:


We remember him sometime in the late ’90s and early 2000s, and now he’s at the big door again. However, with some changes: models in the previous period had large spikes, and in this big comeback, the models look smaller, more compact, and much more wearable. In addition to cowboy-style shoes, there are also fringed bags that will not be missing this season.

DeeZee 229kn
Jenny Fairy 249kn
DeeZee 229kn
Jenny Fairy 249kn
Gino Rossi 649kn
Jenny Fairy 179kn


Military style, in the early 90s, Dr. Martens has achieved the standard in the world market. Although they had friends during this period, their numbers were still few, and military boots were not the most modern piece of shoe in the closet. Well, now they are! We welcome the bulky boots, laces and the convenience of such shoes.

Gino Rossi 999kn
Jenny Fairy 329kn
Jenny Fairy 299kn
Jenny Fairy 299kn
Jenny Fairy 249kn
Jenny Fairy 249kn


White ankle boots and boots have been popular for several seasons, and this season they are also getting new versions in the form of military style white cowgirl and white lace-up boots. If the white color is not the best fit for the winter months, we have an alternative to cream shades that you will like.

Jenny Fairy 299kn
DeeZee 299kn
Lasocki 499kn
DeeZee 329kn

All the fashion shoes and bags you can find inside Offers in stores in CCC, Croatia.

Photo: CCC




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