Casual elegance in Ivan Friščić’s new DeLight collection

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DeLight by Ivan Friščić

It’s interesting to see how the designers convey their visions to the garments in their collections and how each season creates that little excitement while dressing. Here’s how we look forward to the shades, materials and cuts of autumn, a good timeless coat, an interesting dress or suit that can be worn and look great even on sneakers today.

It is a Croatian brand known for its feminine cuts that perfectly emphasize the female silhouette. DeLight of Ivan Friščić, Gaining its popularity among the fairer sex due to its timeless pieces that definitely never go out of style. Just like a chameleon, the beauty of each piece in the collection can be worn separately, on the other hand, it is possible to completely transform it and adapt it to a certain situation with a little detail. Regardless of the epidemic that hit the whole world, including Croatian producers, the hardworking hands of the DeLight team have not stopped devoting great effort and time to what they love most and stand proudly behind them. Seeing a client smile while standing in front of a mirror is one of the greatest motivations of any designer.

DeLight by Ivan Friščić

“I have always noticed women who care about their appearance, from face care to the way of dressing. It is not a problem for me to stand on the street and turn to such a woman. A style that radiates elegance, femininity and quality will always attract my attention. I found with Ivan Friščić at DeLight. the thing was exactly that because she knows exactly what every woman needs to feel good in what she wears. “ – adds TV presenter Jelena Lešić, who fits this campaign perfectly.

DeLight by Ivan Friščić

DeLight absolutely attaches great importance to high quality materials of natural origin in all of its collections. The dresses in the latest collection are made of silk and even the lining is made of silk because it fully emphasizes the luxury and beauty of wearing. Wool, cashmere, camel hair are just a few of the types of coats that, besides their extremely attractive looks, guarantee to keep you warm on the coldest days and nights. 100% cashmere coats can be ordered as they are made to order by the designer, as all garments are produced in small batches because the DeLight team develops an individual approach where items are tailored to each customer. Part of the collection is a very attractive dress made of eco-leather that will enhance every body structure with a tight belt, while classic cut silk dresses are an eternal classic in every woman’s wardrobe. For all ladies who feel more comfortable in their suits, the pepita-patterned suit, which contains 70% wool, 25% viscose and 5% elastane, attracts every woman with its charming appearance, is guaranteed not to resist special treatment.

DeLight by Ivan Friščić

When I dream of a collection, I am guided by the idea that I want everyone who wears our dress, coat or suit just to be happy and therefore to be their best. Combining the beautiful with comfort is always with me, with the highest quality materials in the first place because all parts are extremely functional. You can go to work or meeting in them and look great on an evening out from now on.“- explains designer Ivan Friščić.

DeLight by Ivan Friščić

If you are looking for some of the inevitable autumn-winter works, Vlaška ulica 6 In addition to the place you will find in Zagreb and the pleasant atmosphere, quality and professionalism, you will choose the best Croatian product that has not been created in a very enviable moment for many of today’s creators, and it’s good proof that they don’t give up. showcases where all the effort is woven.

DeLight by Ivan Friščić
DeLight by Ivan Friščić

Photo: Matea Smolčić Senčar

Guardian: Jelena Lešić

Hair Styles: Davor Hair and Soul

Makeup: Ines Krajnović




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