Bride-to-be caught cheating by fiancé’s best man


If you find out your friend’s wife is cheating on you, what do you do?

A redditor visited a bar one night to find his friend’s wife making out with the bartender. Although the ethnicity of the girl isn’t verified, she definitely looks Asian. (But she may be Latina.)

Being the good friend that he is, he recorded the interaction and posted it on YouTube and reddit. According to the he posted, the girl had already cheated on his friend once with the same bartender. After realizing that she was going to the same bar that the bartender works at, his friend sent him to investigate the situation.

Here’s the full excerpt of what the reddit user wrote.

“This girl and her husband got married a year and a half ago in Thailand. A bunch of my friends flew out for this spectacular wedding. She had cheated on him once before with the same guy and apparently got gonorrhea of the throat from him. She confessed to her husband and asked for forgiveness and he forgave her. Flash forward to a week or so ago and he suspected her of cheating again. Found out she was at this bar through social media or something and asked his best friend if he would go check it out. After finding out, the husband went home, took the car, took her ring, and told her she had until the end of the day to move out. That’s all I really know.”

These hoes ain’t loyal.



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