Boy Long Haircuts 2021

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Long hairstyles preferred for boys are required to create a stylish model while providing comfort. Boys’ long hairstyles can be used by choosing models suitable for the use of the child, and the trend models of the year.

1- Medium Length Haircut Models

erkek çocuk saç modelleri Children’s medium-length haircut models

Medium-length haircut models, which offer ease of use for boys, can be used for children of all ages, but also provide the creation of different styles. It is one of the most used styles as it is appropriate to make hair in different models from the forehead of medium-length hair.

Boy’s medium-length haircut models are also good for age-old children who care about styling. can be used as a preference. In this way, new style styles are created and cutting models are used.

2- Long Haircuts with Bangs

erkek çocuk saç modelleri Boy hairstyles with bangs

Boy hairstyles with bangs are generally known as hairstyles that reveal children’s facial brightness. For this reason, the model used in children with colored eyes is also recommended for children with wide faces.

The bangs cut also allow the hair to be styled comfortably. For this reason, models with bangs can be preferred for children who want to create a new style. It is also known as a good model for those who like to style hair.

The important issue in models with bangs is to pay attention to the regular maintenance and repair of the hair. Desired models cannot be obtained because the appearance of frizz can be distorted in dirty hair. However, a very original model can be created with a blow dryer applied after taking a bath.

3- Mohawk Hairstyles

erkek çocuk saç modelleri boy mohawk hairstyles

Boy mohawk Hairstyles are generally among the very preferred hairstyles in early childhood. Although it is suitable for use at young ages because it is not very long, it offers a style that can be shaped instead of short hair.

The Mohawk hairstyle is compared to the hair types of the most popular celebrities because the sides are number three and It is known as a very popular model among children. Since longer parts are left on the upper parts of the hair, it is quite easy to create a shape.

4- Side-Combed Hairstyles

erkek çocuk saç modelleri boy side-scanned hairstyles

For many years boy side-scanned hairstyles , which are among the trend hairstyles, can be transformed into an original style when the right cut is made, while at the same time transforming into a nice model in terms of shaping the hair.

Side-combed models are both styled. It is preferred as a very useful hairstyle for children who do not want to deal with too much hair. Since it is a useful model for parents, it continues to be a trend every year.

5- Hairstyles with Long Front Part

erkek çocuk saç modelleri long hairstyles for boys with the front part { 1} Among the hairstyles, children who start to give importance to their appearance, prefer boy hairstyles with long front part are always among the favorite models.

While the front part of the hair is left long and shaped, the side And since the back parts are not left too long, the use of this hairstyle is also very convenient and it is among the recommended hairstyles for children.

6- Army Shave Haircut

{ 12} boy soldier shave hairstyles

This suggestion is actually not in the boy’s long hairstyles; but we still wanted to put it on our list for children’s hair health.It is a model preferred by mothers and fathers especially because the hair grows stronger and short hair does not require frequent maintenance

One of the most classic haircut models in our country, the soldier shaving is also preferred because it gives a sympathetic image to children in the young age group.

7- Skater Hairstyle

erkek çocuk saç modelleri boy skater hairstyles

Due to the general style of skaters. The hairstyle that takes this name is among the long cut hair. This model, which is preferred by young people with its original style, is one of the favorite models of children in adolescence.

The boy skater hairstyle creates a nice style and can close the eye area because it is long. However, if there is a side use in the hair cut model, a more pleasant and useful model can be created by keeping a part of the eye open.

This model, which also provides the collection of the hair because it is among the long cut hairstyles, requires regular cuts and regular maintenance.

8- Long and Messy Hairstyles

erkek çocuk saç modelleri long and messy hairstyles for boys

Long and messy hairstyles for boys {5 } is known as a preferable model for children who love messy style. While this hairstyle is not preferred because it is not useful in the school period, it is among the favorites in the summer period.

Although the messy hairstyles are suitable for all hair types, they create more original styles in full and wavy hair. This model, which is used in straight hair, creates a similar style with the skater hairstyle.

9- Hipster Haircut

erkek çocuk saç modelleri boy hipster hairstyles

boy Hipster haircut , one of the preferred models, is a style that is used by almost zero shaving on the sides of the hair and leaving a certain amount of hair in the middle.

With the side sections where the hair is cut too much, The haircut is made more original by creating a line at the points where the sections where the hair is left long, and the models of the hair are very popular.

This hairstyle, which is spreading with European influence, has become one of the trend models due to the influence of children. Usually, children may want this model for shaving on special occasions.

10- Wavy Hairstyles

erkek çocuk saç modelleri Boy’s wavy hairstyles

Boy’s wavy hairstyles { 5} are usually the hair types that reflect the style best. While a fuller image is provided in long haircuts, more style types can be created in short models.

Although it is known that the models used in wavy hair are generally past fashions, they are preferred cuts today, but the mother can not take care of small children.

11- Classic Haircut Models

erkek çocuk saç modelleri Classic haircuts for boys

Classic haircut models for boys is generally chosen from a short model, considering that children cannot maintain a hygienic environment. In addition to being short, it offers a nice appearance with cutting techniques.

Unlike the military shave, the entire area of ​​the hair is not shortened, only deep shortening is made in some parts, while a style is created by leaving the hair a little longer in some areas.

The classic haircut model is suitable for children of all age groups and is among the trend models of parents because it is comfortable to use and creates a cute look.

12- Mushroom Model Haircut { 6} erkek çocuk saç modelleri Boy Mushroom Hairstyles

One of the most preferred haircut models for the little ones, the boy’s mushroom hairstyle is a style created by using both short and long cuts together.It is one of the most preferred hair cutting models in our country.

Mushroom cutting can always be used not by leaving much of the upper hair, but also with less cutting difference. It is known that it is suitable for use for older age groups.





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