Borboleta has a new Lueur jewelry collection

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Borboleta has also prepared something special for us this fall. A magical limited collection of well-known Borboleta jewelery, butterflies on the chain, and bracelets, handcrafted from semi-precious stones and silver, gilded with pink and yellow gold.

This beautiful print is called ‘Lueur’, which has a special meaning for each stone that illuminates us with light and touches a silver butterfly fasung, as the word itself says.

Since this fall, Borboleta, the most famous domestic jewelry brand, has released a series of limited editions of its butterflies that will be released once a year, each time exclusive and different from the rest of the collection. Also, it will only be on sale for one year until the next limited line is released.

In addition to the irresistible ‘Lueur’ collection comes a new Christmas jewelery collection from the Borboleta workshop, which won in the first place! Famous Borboleta bracelets with new motifs on silk thread and favorite logo butterflies, as well as ‘cuff’ earrings and new ring and necklace models will delight every aesthetic.

Be sure to grab your copy at many Borboleta stores across the country or through online stores. Because Borboleta’s guiding idea is that the most beautiful are happy women and girls. And Borboleta will definitely always bring a smile to your face.

Photo: Stanislav Kostić

Model: Wendy V, Model Talia

Makeup: Matea Čuljak


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