Bojana Ugrešić wedding dress for the fall / winter 2020/2021 season.

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After ten years working as a stylist, creative director and video production designer, Bojana Ugresic He decided to focus all his attention on developing his own fashion brand. Last year we introduced you brand during the spring bride collections and a collection of autumn ready-to-wear. For the fall / winter 2020/2021 season. Bojana decided to create a collection that includes everything the fashion brand represents..

Pearl Collect It is a story of love, beauty and transformation that brings a reflection of the time we are in right now and responds to all of our needs and challenges. Create a round fashion story by dividing it into three different parts that come together, Pearl includes collection ready to wear, basic I bride role models.

Designer Bojana Ugrešić presented a new collection

Since September last year, when Bojana prepared and filmed for the What I Believe collection in New York, she began exploring one topic that has always followed her – colors. Color had an important place in Bojana’s work, creative process and creativity from the very beginning. Bojana became a source of inspiration for new models, exploring details about the range of colors, beauty and power of colors.

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are the ones who love color the most”is a sentence that goes through ideas and models Pearl collections. The most special part of the collection is definitely the wedding dresses.

Pearl-inspired wedding gowns for a new beginning

Special energy bride you model Pearl The collection begins with the symbolism of pearls. Pearl it represents a personal journey of glory, transformation into its best version through love in all its forms.
Entering a new life, love and beauty is one of the ways of transformation, so a wedding dress is one of the most special dresses you will ever wear.

For the new season, Bojana Ugrešić designed a bridal collection that brings us back to classic elegance. With the combination of silk, satin, layers of tulle and the finest and carefully selected sticks, wedding dresses radiate freshness, freedom and modern elegance. Gentle and powerful elements travel through the details, the story behind each model, and the names of the wedding dresses. While the materials are sumptuous and classic in design, the pockets are modern and unexpected details that give these special dresses a dose of comfort for that most special day.

U Pearl Bojana Ugrešić also exhibited shoes in the collection for the first time. With bride You can also find models for several days in the collection, and each model is made to order from the finest leather in white with the addition of various details.

Wedding dresses and shoes bride episode Pearl Explore the collections below and get advance notice at the brand’s studio in Novi Sad. You can also send your query for any model on the page. All models are made to order and shipped to the address.

Creative leadership: Bojana Ugrešić

Photographer: Rale Radović

Video: Dusan Stojancevic

Shell sculpture: Nenad Veljović

Model: Tijana Nikolic (International Scouting Office)

Hair Style: Đurđica Ivanović

Make Up: Milica Djordjevic

Flowers: Branimir Konstantin Matić

Video support: Viktor Ćobanović




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